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Piccolo Spoleto Sand Sculpting Contest on the IOP

This Saturday, Spoleto comes to the beach with the Piccolo Spoleto Sand Sculpting Contest on the Isle of Palms.

Of course, most Spoleto events take place on the downtown peninsula, so this is a real treat, especially if you’re staying on the IOP.

Here’s your chance to take an element of nature  –  beach sand – and, with some creativity and a couple hours of work, turn it into an artistic masterpiece.

The Sand Sculpting Contest is a longstanding island and Piccolo Spoleto tradition and has been around for 31 years.  It’s a great thing to do with a whole bunch of friends or family, as teams of four are welcome.  You can also go solo or in a duo if you’d like.  They have several categories/divisions.  First, second and third place winners in each category will take home nice prizes…. not to mention the ever-important beach bragging rights.  The first 200 registered participants get a T-shirt.

Of course you don’t HAVE to be a participant to enjoy the fun.  Spectators and cheerleaders are welcome, too!  It’s always a lot of fun to see what people cook up.


Here are the basic stats on the Sand Sculpting Contest on the IOP:


Saturday morning, June 1st

Front Beach, Isle of Palms

Competition starts at 9:00 a.m.  Onsite registration available prior to the start of competition, at 8:30 a.m.



Read more about it on the IOP website, which lists last year’s winners, including “30th Skulleto Sand Sculpture,” “Cheese and Quackers,” and “Eat Mor’ Shrimp.”


Rules and Registration


Basically, you or your group are assigned a particular numbered site on the beach.  There are some basic rules  –  like, “Wheeled vehicles of any kind, including wheelbarrows, wagons, carts, etc. may not be used to assist in the construction of entries, i.e., to transport sand…. “  but, “The use of hand shovels, buckets, trowels, shaping or forming tools, temporary forms and shoring (used for construction only) and other miscellaneous hand tools are permitted.”

Read the whole list of Sand Sculpting Contest official rules here.

As far as registration, you can sign up tomorrow morning starting at 8:30 at the main tent on Front Beach.  You can also get the form online now; here’s a link.  You can email the completed form or necessary information ahead of the event to SandSculptures4Fun@yahoo.com to be sure you secure a spot and a T-shirt in your desired size.

Sponsors for this year’s contest include: The City of Isle of Palms, AIA of CharlestonWindjammerSea Kayak CarolinaMorgan Creek Grill, Coconut Joe’s, CAAFI, Tidal Wave Water SportsNew York Butcher Shoppe, Island Surf, CoCoastal Expeditions,
Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum, My Favorite Things, Island Mermaid and Count on News 2.

So check out the family-friendly fun that is the Sand Sculpting Contest.  And when you’re looking for the very best in Isle of Palms vacation rentals, be sure to call EP.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger



SC Aquarium wins highest honor

In more good news for Charleston, the SC Aquarium just received the highest award in the land for museums and libraries.

It’s one of only ten recipients in the country  –  five museums and five libraries.

The award is officially known as the National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

It is given by the Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, DC.  They describe this award as the “nation’s highest honor given to libraries and museums.”

The award especially recognizes community involvement, an area of special achievement for the SC Aquarium.

Some interesting info about the SC Aquarium


The SC Aquarium is the sixth aquarium in the nation to have received this prestigious award.

Here’s the story from the Post & Courier.


Loggerhead nests off to a super start


Of course a big part of the SC Aquarium is its hospital for sea turtles, including one of the favorite Lowcountry visitors, the loggerhead turtle.

The Sea Turtle Hospital treats and releases large numbers of turtles who are suffering from injury, disease, cold-stunning and other health issues.

Loggerhead turtles lay nests of eggs on the beaches of the barrier islands.  Here on the Isle of Palms, a loyal band of volunteers, the Turtle Team, patrol the beaches and relocate the nests when necessary to help insure their successful hatching.

Loggerhead nesting season generally runs from May till October.  That’s when people who are staying in oceanfront Isle of Palms luxury rentals are encouraged to remember “Lights Out for Loggerheads.”  You are asked to refrain from turning on any exterior lights that shine toward the ocean and might confuse the hatchlings and turtles.  They can mistake the house lights for the reflection of the moon off the ocean.  This is what they instinctively use to navigate into the ocean upon hatching.

Well, this season saw the earliest nest ever, or at least since people have been keeping track of these things.

A loggerhead turtle came ashore on Kiawah Island and laid a nest on April 25th of this year.

SCDNR biologist Michelle Pate had this to say:  “To my knowledge, this is the earliest we’ve seen a sea turtle nest in South Carolina.  May 1 is the average, but we’ve had a warm winter and several reports of mating loggerheads over recent weeks – so we knew it was just a matter of time.”

A very rare creature decided to nest here, too…


Also, on Hilton Head, a very rare sea turtle, the endangered Kemp’s ridley, laid a nest as well.  About that event, Pate observed, “This is only the fourth confirmed Kemp’s nest in South Carolina since record-keeping started in the 1970s.  An exciting kick-off to the season, to say the least.”

Here’s the story from Live 5 News.

You can also read more from the SCDNR as it appeared in the Island Eye News.

So check out one of the best museums in the country, right here in Charleston.  Keep an eye peeled for sea turtles.   And be sure to call EP when you’d like to book a gorgeous house right near the beach.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger

Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto Festivals kick off today

It’s that time of year again  –  Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto Festivals kick off today.  Monday is Memorial Day, so this weekend also marks the beginning of peak summer season.

The festivals bring 17 days of music, opera, theater and dance to the Holy City.  The Spoleto opening ceremonies are taking place at noon today for this, its 43rd incarnation.

Friday, May 24, noon  Spoleto USA Opening Ceremonies at Charleston City Hall


At the corner of Meeting and Broad Streets downtown (80 Broad Street). Musical prelude begins at 11:30 before the ceremony itself starts at 12:00 p.m.  Join the mayor, Congressman Joe Cunningham and festival folk as they officially declare the festival open.  Included is a performance by the folks from Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

FYI if you’re driving downtown on Friday, take note of the following street closures in and around the opening ceremonies:

The Spoleto Festival features five world and U.S. premieres


This year’s Spoleto festival features five special events  –  two that have never been seen before in the United States, and three that are world premieres.

The U.S. premieres include One Thousand and One Nights (“Extraordinary tales from ancient lands”), and What Girls Are Made Of (“Rock ‘n’ roll diary”).

World premieres include Letter to a Friend in Gaza (“A search for common ground”), Roots (“We need to know who we are, so we can imagine who we might be”), and Bank of America Chamber Music (Oboe Quintet by Paul Wiancko).

Here’s the full schedule.

Piccolo Spoleto is kicks off today as well.  Almost half of Piccolo events are free, and the rest are at affordable ticket prices.

Some pretty fun, large-scale Piccolo events are free and require no tickets.  They include:

Friday, May 24, 8:00pm  –  Sunset Serenade


Head to the US Custom House at Concord & East Bay Streets for Piccolo Spoleto’s annual festive curtain raiser. This free outdoor concert features the Charleston Symphony Orchestra directed by Principal Pops Conductor Yuriy Becker and Assistant Conductor Kellen Gray.  They’ll play classical and popular favorites along with a tribute to Louis Armstrong.   Arrive early to get the best seat and enjoy the festivities and libations available for sale.

Saturday, May 25, 10:00am-3:00pm  –  Family Day at Marion Square


March to the beat of your own drum at this year’s Family Day celebration in Marion Square with performances and workshops. The youngest Piccolo fans will enjoy arts and craft activities, hands on workshops, and live performances as they await the cacophonous arrival of The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable.

Marion Square is also the location of the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition, with over 80 artists displaying their creations.

Monday, May 27, 3:00pm  –  Memorial Day Concert


Also at Marion Square, get in a patriotic mood as the Charleston Concert Band joins with the Columbia Community Band to play stirring marches, Broadway show tunes, and a tribute to each of the armed forces.

So enjoy all the marvels Spoleto has to offer, from today through June 9th.  And remember to call EP when you are looking for the very best in Isle of Palms vacation rentals.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger


Whether you’re traveling or staying at home, gas prices are something to consider.  After all, filling up your tank is a major household expense.  As I’ve blogged about before, gas prices tend to fluctuate wildly over the years and from place to place.

FYI  –  South Carolina generally has the lowest or among the lowest gas prices in the United States.  So a stay in SC vacation rentals makes a smart economic choice, to boot.

A penny saved in a penny earned…and waste not, want not.   So while on the subject of gas prices and usage, I’ve come across some interesting and helpful information on how to save on gas in general, no matter what the current fluctuating price might be.

There’s wisdom here for whenever you are driving around in your car –  whether you’re on vacation or just heading to work during the daily grind.  No sense in spending more money or using up more natural resources than necessary.


What day of the week are gas prices the lowest?


First off, WHEN you fill you tank makes a difference.

According to GasBuddy, generally the best day of the week to fill your tank is Monday, although it varies by state.  Monday is the best in South Carolina for lowest gas prices.  And the morning is better than the afternoon, when gas prices may hike.

Fridays and Saturdays are generally the highest, as stations try to take advantage of weekend travelers.  If you switch from Friday afternoon to Monday morning to fill up on gas, you could save $20 to $30 annually.

The lowest day for gas prices and the best day to buy gas, according to state:


Monday: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

Tuesday: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin

Wednesday: Hawaii

Sunday: Utah

Here’s the whole story from USA Today.


How to get more mileage out of the gas you do buy:


Following are some concrete suggestions from the Associated Press.

Stay cool: The air conditioner wastes gas, but so can keeping the windows down. In hot weather, the Energy Department recommends keeping windows open when driving at lower speeds and the air conditioner on low when driving faster.

Price check: Smartphone apps such as GasBuddy, Waze and Gas Guru can find the gas stations near you with the lowest prices.

Don’t speed: Every 5 mph that you drive over 50 is equivalent to paying an additional 17 cents per gallon for gas, according to the Energy Department.

Keep tires inflated: When tires don’t have enough air, it forces the vehicle to use more energy to move. Tires that are properly inflated also last longer.

Keep it light: Don’t leave heavy items you don’t need in the trunk. Additional weight is a gas sucker, especially for smaller cars. And keep cargo or containers you don’t need off the roof. Carrying stuff up there makes a car use more energy to overcome the air drag.

Turn it off: When you’re parked and sitting in the car, turn the engine off.


So remember  –  drive smart, and the planet will be a better place.  And you’ll save a little money on gas in the process.  And be sure to call EP when you’d like to book a great beach house near some of the best gas prices in the land.


All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger

Image credit: Transport Executive
It's time once again for Charleston waterpark fun

The mercury in the thermometer is beginning to rise, and right on cue Charleston waterpark season has cranked up once again.

I’ve blogged about it before, and no doubt I will again.  The Charleston county park system is downright exceptional.  There are so many different parks, and each one boasts a variety of great activities.

First off, there are the beach parks at Isle of Palms, Folly and Kiawah, with parking, showers, dressing rooms and easy beach access.  Then again, if you’re here in a luxury house on Isle of Palms, you already have all that, and private to boot.


But there are so many others.  Palmetto Islands County Park, close to the Isle of Palms in Mount Pleasant, is a perfect example.  They have miles of both paved and unpaved trails and boardwalks through the pristine marshes and lagoons, great for hiking, running, rollerblading or biking.  You can rent bikes or paddleboats at the park office.  At key points you can dial in for a cell phone tour coded to individual features, like a decades-old osprey nesting site.  You can head out across the long boardwalk and explore Nature Island.  Large grassy areas are perfect for sports and special event gatherings like Pet Fest.  There’s an expansive state-of-the-art children’s playground as well as a large off-leash dog park, complete with separate sections for small and large dogs.

Two other parks have a similar variety of fun features.  They include James Island County Park, which is located west of the Ashley River, and Wannamaker Park in North Charleston.

One of the coolest features –  literally –  of all three of them is a Charleston waterpark located inside the park, with elements that are fun for both kids and adults.  This is especially true as the weather gets warmer.

Three examples of a great Charleston waterpark are…


New this year!


And new this year is the tallest attraction of any Charleston waterpark.  Located at Whirlin’ Waters, it’s 60 feet high and is called “The Washout.”  You must be 48 inches tall or taller to ride.  Here’s how the Post & Courier describes the dual-sided ride: “The pink slide features a steep drop that takes riders up a near-vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness before zooming back down into a splash pool, while the turquoise slide includes high-speed twists and turns down an enclosed serpentine flume with water features and 90-degree angles.”

Right now, all three Charleston waterparks are open weekends only from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Beginning on May 27th, Splash Zone (James Island) will be open daily.  Beginning on June 8th, Splash Island and Whirlin’ Waters will also open daily for the summer season.

Here’s more, including admission fees, which vary.   You can also purchase a Splash Pass for multiple visits during the season.

So get cool and check out a Charleston waterpark or two.  And when you are looking for the best beach house around the Holy City, be sure to call EP.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger

Photo credit: Charleston County Parks
Charleston Beer Fest this Saturday

Asheville, NC may be known as Beer City USA, but Charleston is giving them a run for their money with the 8th annual Charleston Beer Fest.

The brews will be pouring and the suds flying this Saturday, May 18th from noon till 7:00 p.m., and it looks to be a frosty good time.

In fact, they’ve seriously upped the ante and cranked up the action from last year’s event.  They’ve changed the name (from Charleston Beer Garden to Charleston Beer Fest) as well as the venue.

This year, organizers have booked five times the live music offerings.

A dozen different bands will play Charleston Beer Fest.  The Dubplates’ own Dave “Big Hair” Brisacher curated the cool lineup.  It includes:

As for the beer, 41 different breweries from both Carolinas will be serving over 80 different brews.

The venue is a much better one this year – Riverfront Park in North Charleston, which has been hosting some very successful (and LARGE) music and beverage events lately.

Never fear, it’s not just music and beer.  Charleston Beer Fest also boasts Beer Games.  I’m talking “pony hops” (races for adults on inflatable horses), beer stein hoisting, arm wrestling, and a pizza-eating contest  –  hands-free, to make it more entertaining.

There will also be a slew of food trucks for your noshing pleasure.


Here’s the scoop on ticket prices for Charleston Beer Fest…


General admission  –  $25, includes 5 beer tickets and a commemorative mug;

VIP (limited number)  –  $50, includes 15 beer tickets, a swag bar, seating in the shade, special activities and snacks;

Designated driver ticket  –  $15;

Parking is free.

You can read more about it at the official Charleston Beer Fest website.

So celebrate all things beer and check out Charleston Beer Fest this Saturday.  And when you are searching for the best in beach rentals Charleston, be sure to give EP a call.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger


This Sunday is Second Sunday on King Street

King Street has been named one of America’s Great Streets, a top ten list honored by the American Planning Association.  These are folks who know a thing or two about urban spaces.  It’s part of their “Great Places in America” awards.  In particular, they singled out the section of King from Broad to Spring Streets.

Others on the list include Broadway in New York City, Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., and Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

U.S. News and World Report’s Travel section named King Street as one of the ten best shopping streets in America.  Some others on the list?  Fifth Avenue in New York, and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  Not bad company.

What makes King Street So Great?


The College of Urban Studies at The College of Charleston compiled a list of the main things that contribute toward King being so great.  According to their analysis, King Street:

  1. is a human scaled street,
  2. invites pedestrians,
  3. exhibits natural smart growth,
  4. blends seamlessly into its surroundings,
  5. reminds us of our past, with an eye to the future,
  6. has energy,
  7. and fosters an agglomeration of economies.

King Street has so much to offer these days, with plenty of shops, galleries, restaurants, night spots and more.  But it wasn’t always such a thriving street.  The development of Charleston Place, which opened in 1986, sparked a renewal that has grown ever since and has rapidly spread to Upper King, north of Marion Square.  Now King Street is hotter than ever.

Time for Second Sunday on King


Second Sunday on King Street is one of the most fun and successful recurring events around, and it’s about to crank into high gear for the high season.

A big chunk of King Street downtown is blocked off to pedestrian & canine traffic only from 1:00 till 5:00 in the afternoon.  Basically it runs from from Calhoun (Marion Square) to Queen Street.  Restaurants have tables set up on the street, there are musicians and food vendors all over the place… this thing grows bigger and better all the time.

This Sunday is the latest installment, and this year it coincides with a big holiday  –  Mother’s Day.

One good option is to park in one of several parking garages run by the city.  These allow you to park in the shade (unless you are on the top level).  As a nice bonus, the city offers two hours of free parking in most of their garages during Second Sundays with a voucher.  Here’s a link to print a voucher for this coming Sunday.

Insider’s Tip – they also have free parking vouchers available, first-come, first-served, at the official Second Sunday booth along King Street.


Speaking of Mother’s Day…


Apparently, this year Americans will spend more money than ever honoring our moms.  After all, who deserves it more than they do?

Experts with the National Retail Federation estimate Mother’s Day spending will total a record $25 billion.  That’s up from $23.1 billion last year, and the highest since they’ve been tracking data.

Mother’s Day is behind only Christmas and back-to-school as the biggest holiday/occasion for spending.

Here’s the scoop from the Post & Courier.

The average person is expected to pay $196 this year as opposed to $180 in 2018.  Better order those flowers and make brunch reservations ASAP!

Or, you could just book her a family getaway in one of our luxury beach house rentals SC.  If so, just give us a call and we’ll book you in the perfect one.  Mom will be thrilled.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger

Time to sign up for summer camp on the IOP

It’s time to sign up for summer camp!

Summer is a particularly great time to be staying in a luxury house on Isle of Palms.  The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and the water feels particularly divine.

If you’re coming to the beach, you very well may have kids in tow.

FYI, the Isle of Palms has a really terrific Rec Center.  It’s located at 24 28th Avenue, right in the middle of the island.   It hosts a variety of island events, like this past weekend’s Music in the Park.

The IOP Rec Center is open to residents and visitors alike.  They have ball fields  – soccer, baseball/softball – plus basketball and tennis courts.  There’s also an indoor gymnasium, fitness center and a very large outdoor playground for the younger ones.  Oh, and the Rec Center even has an off-leash dog park, with separate areas for small and large dogs.

In addition, summer is when they crank up summer camp and clinics, guaranteed to keep your kids active and entertained.

It’s camp of all kinds, grouped by age – general summer camp with a different theme each week, as well as art, acting, basketball, volleyball and tennis camps.

These, too, are open to both residents and visitors, and there is a tremendous variety from which to choose.

Here is the summer camp lineup from the City of Isle of Palms:



Camp Ages 5-12 yrs (*5 by Sept. 1, 2018)

First Week: June 17 – June 21: Life on the Sea

Second Week: June 24 – June 28: Summer Safari

Third Week: July 1 – July 5: Holidaze

(No Camp July 4)

Fourth Week: July 8 – July 12: Get out of Dodge

Fifth Week: July 15 – July 19: Space is the Place

Sixth Week: July 22 – July 26: Wild Waters

Seventh Week: July 29 – August 2: Challenge Week



Camp Ages: 3-4 yrs (*3 by Sept. 1, 2018)

Must be potty trained

First Week: June 17 – June 21: Under the Sea

Second Week: June 24 – June 28: The Mighty Jungle

Third Week: July 1 – July 5: Holidaze

(No Camp July 4)

Fourth Week: July 8 – July 12: Community Heroes

Fifth Week: July 15 – July 19: Space is the Place

Sixth Week: July 22 – July 26: Wild Waters

Seventh Week: July 29 – August 2: Summer Olympics

Registration Fee:

$85 resident/ $100 non-resident

$25 deposit due at registration

Camp Hours:

9:00am – 3:00pm

Supervision provided: 8:30am – 3:30pm


Special Interest Camps



August 5 – August 9

1:00pm – 4:00pm

 Camp Ages: 8-13 yrs

“Midsummer’s Night Dream” Shakespeare’s magical play gets an original twist in this humorous version. Family and friends are welcome to attend the end of week performance.

$125 resident/ $130 non-resident; $25 deposit due at registration



August 12 – August 16

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Camp Ages 5-11 yrs

I like the ocean, I like the sea, come paint starfish, jellyfish, rainbow fish and more with me.

$110 resident/ $115 non-residents; $25 deposit due at registration

Sports Camps and Clinics



June 10 – June 14

9:00am – 4:00pm

Camp Ages 5-15 yrs

Full Day: $180

Half Day: $125

Camp is based around the Super Six Improvement Stations. Camp will be supervised by certified coaches and college athletes.  Full day camp will need to provide lunch.   Space is limited!



June 17 – June 21

9:00am – 12:00pm

Girls’ Volleyball Camp

Camp Ages 10-15 yrs

Resident: $125

Non-resident: $130

Camp is designed to develop the fundamental skills of volleyball.  Girls will receive a T-shirt.  Instructed by Laura & Kreg Togami.  Space is limited to 25 participants!


VOLLEYBALL CAMP – Get Your Spike On!

August 12 – August 15

9:00am – 11:00am

Camp Ages 10-16 yrs

Resident: $80

Non-resident: $85

Gear up for the indoor volleyball season with this four-day clinic that will surely improve your volleyball skills. Drills, scrimmages, intense workouts and a lot of fun playing the sport we love. Space is limited to 25 participants!



Tiny Tennis: Intermediate Red Ball Clinic:

July 15 – July 19 9:00am – 3:00pm

Intermediate/Advanced Tennis: Orange/Green Ball Clinic:

June 17 – June 21 9:00am – 3:00pm

July 22-July 26 9:00am – 3:00pm

$180 resident/ $185 non-resident; $25 deposit due at registration


More on Summer Camp Registration


As far as summer camp goes, residents register first, then non-residents.

Non-resident registration is May 13 – May 17 from 7:00am – 5:00pm.  A $25 deposit is due at registration per week per camp.  Here’s a link to the registration form.

Summer camp and clinics tend to fill up very fast, so I’d suggest acting ASAP if you’re interested.  Here’s the page on the IOP’s website with all the pertinent details.

So while you’re here at the beach, why not check those kids into summer camp?  And be sure to call EP when you need to book your summer home base at the beach.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger


Live music playing all weekend long

The weather is getting warm, and the music scene is heating up too, with a weekend full of live music events, including fan-favorite Motown.

Looking at the events calendar, there’s something every day to get your live music fix.  I’ll cover them in chronological order.

Friday (tonight, May 3rd) – Party at the Point


Recently I covered the Shaggin’ on the Cooper summer dance series, which kicked off last weekend at Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant.

Well, another fun summer live music series has also started its run, just up the street from that venue.

It’s the 19th annual Party at the Point, a fun outdoor, happy hour live music series that has grown in popularity with each year.  Point Parties take place each Friday night from now through July 5th.

It’s all about the music, and they have some super bands coming down the pike.

Here’s who’ll be part of their live music lineup this summer:


The party takes place at the Lookout Pavilion at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina  –  20 Patriot’s Point Road in Mount Pleasant.  From our Isle of Palms luxury rentals, head over Sullivan’s to Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, and turn left right before the base of the Ravenel Bridge.

Gates open at 5:30, and the music cranks up at 6:30.  Admission is $8, free for ages 12 and under.  It’s family friendly and appropriate for all ages.  Parking is free if you park along the road leading up to the event.  There will also be Uber and Lyft pickup and drop-off stations near the main entrance.

Here’s the official website with all the details.


Saturday  –  Music in the Park


Tomorrow  afternoon, May 4th, is the latest installment of a relatively new open air live music event taking place right here on the Isle of Palms.

It’s called Music in the Park, and here’s the scoop:


Saturday night – Motown in the Moonlight


Then, tomorrow night, get set for some of the most danceable music ever written.  In fact, It’s been called “the sound that changed America.”

It’s a celebration of all things Motown, on the Mount Pleasant Pier right at Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant.  That venue really has been hoppin’ with events lately, like last weekend’s Shaggin’ on the Cooper and The Blessing of the Fleet.

The fun lasts from 7:00 p.m. rill 11:00 and is sponsored by Charleston County Parks.  Live music by Bobby Alvarez and the Supernaturals.  Tickets are $10, or $8 in advance online, children 3 and under are free.

They’ll also have one in September, with live music by The Majestics.


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, all weekend long!


Today through Sunday you can celebrate all things Hispanic and latino.  Think: plenty of margaritas, guac, tacos and tequila in general.  Mex 1 Coastal Cantina is hosting the weekend long party…. Specifically Friday and Saturday night from 9:00 p.m. till midnight, and Sunday from 6:00 till 9:00 p.m.

They have three locations, including one on nearby Sullivan’s Island.  There’ll be plenty of live music and drink/food specials.  If you feel like crossing some bridges, their West Ashley Location will also host their giant annual Cinco de Mayo Block Party.

Check out their website for details and live music lineup.



Saturday night  –  A Mambo Cinco de Mayo party


Tomorrow night, the day before actual Cinco, is the 14th annual Charleston Cinco party.  It’s downtown at the Visitor’s Center Bus Shed, 375 Meeting Street, from 7:00 p.m. till 11:00.  They have a HUGE live music lineup, plus plenty of great food and bevs.

Live music by: Mala Fe, Bachata Flow, Gino Castillo & The Cuban Cowboys, Freily El F, Danza Azteca, Ixtli Yolotl, and more, plus DJ Luigi with Latin Groove, pinatas and jump castles for the kids.

Get tickets and more info and the official Charleston Cinco website.

Whew  –  that’s a lot of live music going on this weekend.  Hopefully you can take at least a little of it in.  And be sure to call EP when you’ll like to rent the very best places at the beach near Charleston.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger

Photo credit: Charleston County Parks