There’s no shortage of people who can tell you that the Lowcountry in general, and Charleston in particular, is a very special place.

Those of us who live here were either blessed enough to have been born here, or smart enough to move here.

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The tragic event that happened this June  –  the murder of nine innocent people attending Bible study at historic Mother Emanuel AME church in downtown Charleston  –  rocked the world.

As horrendous as the crime was, the response to it was all the more astounding.  Family members of the victims extended forgiveness and grace in the face of evil and hate.  The people of Charleston came together like never before to bridge gaps, build bridges, express love and grace and show that it is more powerful than anything else in this often violent world.

I covered some of the reverberations of this event in this previous BLOG.


Well, something rather remarkable happened this week.  The largest township in the state of Illinois, Thornton Township, has sponsored a resolution nominating Mother Emanuel AME and the people of Charleston for the Nobel Peace Prize.  They have the backing of the Illinois Senate as well as the city of Chicago.

The delegation was in town this week to read this resolution at Mother Emanuel, and to meet with local officials including Police Chief Greg Mullin, to discuss how Charleston was able to keep the peace, when so many other cities grapple with violence and riots after racial crimes.


You can go to this website to add your name to the resolution:


Here is the wording of the resolution:

Thornton Township’s / Charleston , SC Peace Prize Initiative

On a quiet evening in June, inside a church in Charleston, SC, nine people were murdered – shockingly shot to death while attending bible study.

In some other city, an incident of such hatred and racist horror might have sparked an outpouring of anger, violence and divisiveness – driving crowds into the streets in clashes with each other and police.

Instead, something unexpected happened – an outpouring of unity and forgiveness.

The entire community of Charleston – church, ordinary citizens, political leaders, business leaders and law enforcement, came together to support those families who lost loved ones. They came together in a spirit of forgiveness, love and peace – not anger or hatred.

That expression of unity flowed beyond Charleston and throughout our nation.

We believe that peace among people – not just in Charleston, SC but across our global community – has been advanced by the example set by the residents of that community.

Their heartfelt expression of loss, forgiveness and hope for a better future, free from hatred and violence, is a tangible offering that might help move our planet in the direction of peace.

Therefore we the undersigned, encourage the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to give the good people of Charleston, South Carolina serious consideration as they move through their selection process this year.

Frank M. Zuccarelli
Thornton Township Supervisor



Here are a couple articles with more on the story:


Thousands are nominated for this, one of the most prestigious of all global awards, but honestly I cannot think of anyone that deserves it more.  I am so proud of Mother Emanuel, and this Holy City, and how it responded in a time of crisis.


People who visit our rental homes South Carolina, either Isle of Palms luxury rentals or Folly Beach house rentals Charleston SC, might be interested in paying respect at Mother Emanuel AME.   Thousands have left tributes and flowers, notes and messages of love and faith, from all over the globe.  The church is located on Calhoun Street downtown, just down the street from Marion Square.


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