If you’re staying in a beach house Charleston, chances are one of the main things that drew you here was the beach.

Most of Exclusive Properties’ SC vacation rentals, whether they are Isle of Palms luxury rentals or a Charleston beach house on Folly, are either oceanfront or close to it.

It only makes sense for us all to do our part to help keep the beach as pristine as possible, to help protect the wildlife in the ocean, and basically do whatever we can to preserve the environment in general.  It’s where we all live, after all.

It was this very notion that lead the Isle of Palms to ban the use of plastic bags by any business on the island beginning early this year.  Read more about it in this blog, from back in July, 2015.

In yesterday’s edition of the Moultrie News, there was a cover story about how it’s been going so far.  I just checked their website, and for some reason they haven’t posted it in their online edition yet, but perhaps they will soon.  Here’s their link:  http://www.moultrienews.com/

The article, entitled: “’The right thing to do,’” basically said that although it costs local businesses more, most are supportive of it… because it’s the right thing to do.  The owner of My Favorite Things, a shop on Front Beach near many of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals, said that plastic bags cost her about 5 cents each, whereas paper ones cost her up to 35 cents each.  Yet still, she hasn’t raised prices.  Way to go, Sharon!

Harris-Teeter, the grocery store nearest your luxury house on Isle of Palms and the only one on the island, said paper bags cost them six times as much as plastic ones.  But they were quick to get on board with the ban.   Way to go, Harris-Teeter!


Help protect the beach near your beach house Charleston!

So what’s the potential impact on your beach house Charleston, and the planet?

A recent email from Charleston’s Green Connection had this to say about plastic bags and their effect on the world:


The Unsettling Truth Behind Your Plastic Bags

It is not always easy to consider the impact that a simple plastic bag has on the rest of the world. It is an everyday item that is overlooked as we carry home our purchases from groceries, pharmacies, retailers, restaurants, and a wide variety of other stores. Plastic bags have become, to some, an essential item to our consumer lifestyle.  But what is the true impact?

The reality of plastic bags is not as simple as their usage. Every year Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags, with less than 5% recycled.  It is estimated that every square mile of the ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to fully break down causing disruptions in ecosystems, as well as direct harm to species through ingestion or entanglement . The production of plastic bags requires petroleum, along with other natural gases and chemicals that are toxic to the air. The amount of petroleum used to make a single plastic bag would propel a car about 377 feet.

Local research at The Citadel, accompanied by work at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography in Savannah, shows just how dangerous a problem plastic is for our region. More than 7 tons of plastic are breaking down into micro-plastics within the waters of the Charleston Harbor at any given time. These micro-plastics will enter the food chains of marine critters and eventually make their way up larger food chains of fish or shrimp, and finally into human food chains. It is a problem that is not just causing a harmful impact to the natural world, but people as well.

For more information on this study, click here to read recent article in the Post and Courier.


Some businesses on the island have said that boaters prefer plastic because it’s waterproof, but they understand the need for the ban.

So when you are coming to one of our beach rentals Charleston, we thank you in advance for understanding.

The best alternative:  when you’re packing to come to one of our luxury beach house rentals SC, pack some of your stuff in a reusable tote bag, and take it with you when you shop.

And remember  –  when you are looking for rental homes South Carolina, namely beach house rentals Charleston SC, to call EP and we’ll help you connect with the best.


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