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Aiken Rhett House

Not only is Charleston home to many museums dedicated to preserving the city’s colorful history, but it is also home to many other historical sites that allow the past to be visible to the present. The Aiken Rhett House is one such location, with its roots set in 1820 during its initial construction. The Aiken Rhett House became famous for later being the home of former South Carolina governor William Aiken, Jr. This historical site was later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 for being one of the best-preserved complex antebellum structures. The Aiken Rhett House is open to the public for its famous self-guided tours to allow you and your family to peer into the past with this historic structure. Here are a few details you should know when booking your visit to the Aiken Rhett House!

Self-Guided Tours

If the historic walls of the Aiken Rhett House could talk, they would surely spin a tale of urban life in this antebellum site. Self-guided tours are available for visitors to take a look at this preserved site. The only restored location in the house is the art gallery that showcases the many beautiful paintings and sculptures that were acquired by the Aiken family. The building’s floors, fixtures, and paint have all been specifically preserved to showcase this historical building to today’s generations. The Aiken Rhett House is located nearby another historical site, the Nathaniel Russell House, with discounted ticket options when you book both tours.

Tours and Events for All Ages

The Aiken Rhett House not only provides daily tours of the preserved building, but also hosts a variety of tours and events that will be enjoyable for the whole family. The History Matters Lecture will give an in-depth talk on many of the historical events that have occurred in Charleston. The 2018 Charleston Antiques Show will bring together approximately 30 dealers of antiques and fine arts to put priceless exhibits up for view. An updated list of all the tours and events that feature the Aiken Rhett House can be accessed from their website!

Aiken Rhett House

A visit to the Aiken Rhett House will provide you with a look to Charleston’s historic past. Plan your visit by visiting https://www.historiccharleston.org/ to book your tickets that can be redeemed within six months. Tickets range in price from $12 for adults and $5 for children six and older; children under six get in for free! Plan your trip today!