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College Of Charleston

Touted on its homepage as “a superior public university with personality to spare”, the College of Charleston is a bastion of education and progress. From its location in the heart of historic Charleston, it has been a pillar of liberal arts and science since its foundation in 1770. Today the university ranks as one the top educational facilities in the country in categories such as quality of education, affordability, and its historic campus which is combines both class and beauty. The university attracts students from all corners of the globe thanks to its cutting-edge programs and improved and updated facilities.

Notable Alumni

For a university with hundreds of years of service, it would be a wonder that many of the most audacious leaders in our country have not received their education under its illustrious roof. In fact, there are more names on the list than there’s space to mention them all. But perhaps the most famous of all is John C. Fremont who after graduating in 1836 set out to explore the West, thus getting the nickname, the “Great Pathfinder”. He later became the first US senator representing California. Another famous alumnus is the Gilmore Girls star, Matt Czuchry. He too graduated in 1999 before making his career in TV.

College of Charleston Campus Tours

Campus tours are open for everyone who wants to explore the campus. Just make your way to the Admissions where a counselor will meet you and start the tour with a half-hour information session. This will be followed by a 75-minute tour led by a student tour guide. During this tour, you’ll visit the campus, residence hall, library, classrooms, and end the tour with a visit to the Stern Student Center. The tour usually takes about 2 hours in all, but it might take a little longer especially if you decide to explore the historic library building at length.

Group Tours

If you’re traveling in a group, you might want to take the group tour instead. Groups between 10 and 60 persons are welcome to have their special tour. But you need to apply in advance. These tours are usually held between Tuesday and Thursday of every week except for school and regular holidays. There’s a form you need to fill up that’s available on the university’s website. Once you receive a confirmation email, you can get prepared for your tour.

The historic College of Charleston is famous for its beautiful buildings, great educational programs, and a long list of notable alumni. For more information call us today to learn about our wonderful vacation rentals.