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Gateway Walk Charleston SC

The Gateway Walk in Charleston is unlike other paths you might have come across in other cities. For one thing, it’s not just a simple trail or even a single place in the heart of historic Charleston. Rather, it’s a trekking path that cuts through some of the most iconic places in this ancient city. And the best part is, it is shrouded in mystery due to its informality. It’s a secret that only a few are privy to. This secrecy and informality give the trail its mystique, making it more exciting to follow its winding path through gardens, parks, and even the old graveyard.

Mystery Uncovered

The Gateway Walk in Charleston was created in 1930. Along the way, some beautifully wrought iron gates were erected which give the route its name. So how do you know where to start or that you even crossed paths with the famed gateway? Well, the answer is simple. The Garden Club has a map on its website that you can take with you on your journey. According to the best sources, the path starts right in front of St. John’s Lutheran Church and cuts across the Unitarian Church before it joins with Cross King Street.

It’s All About the Journey

Reaching the end is not what the walk is all about. The journey itself is the goal here. Since the walk passes through some of the most iconic places in Charleston, you’ll be enticed to stop and linger along the way. The Unitarian Church just mentioned is worthy of all the time you can spare. Both the church and its churchyard are historic hotspots that merit close inspection. And you’ll come across many gardens that each has its own unique character. The garden of the Gibbs Art Museum, for example, is a great place to take a break from your walk and enjoy the class and beauty of the garden.

Gateway Walk Charleston Graveyard

By the time you reach the churchyard of the Circular Congregational Church, you’re coming to the end of your journey. One more iron gate takes you to St. Philip’s Graveyard. Here you can step gently and get a close look at the gravestones. The engravings are worthy of contemplation. It’s all so quiet in here which is a fitting end to your journey.

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