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Patriot’s Point Charleston

The Charleston area is full of historical sites that provide endless opportunities to learn the vast history of South Carolina while having fun that the whole family can enjoy. Patriot’s Point is one such venue located on the mouth of the Cooper River inside the Charleston Harbor. Patriot’s Point is a naval and maritime museum that is home to three museum ships and several exhibits that are open to the public. Here are the different exhibits and activities that you can explore during your visit to Patriot’s Point Charleston.

Walk in the Steps of Heroes

Patriot’s Point is proud to offer a hands-on history lesson in the form of the many exhibits at the museum. The museum houses three historical museum ships, including the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, USS Laffey Destroyer, and the USS Clamagore Submarine. The USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier even includes historical aircraft units such as the F-14A Tomcat, SBD Dauntless, and so much more. These historical exhibits will allow you and your family to take a look into the lives of their former captains and pilots to see the impact our Navy has had on protecting our country.

A Variety of Tours

Patriot’s Point can be explored in a variety of ways. Visitors are allowed to browse the museum at their own pace with general admission and self-guided tours. Personal audio players are also available to provide more than three and a half hours of descriptions and content of these historical vessels. If you would like to get a personal behind-the-scenes look at the museum, guided VIP group tours are available for those who book at least two weeks in advance and with a party of 10 or more people. This exclusive tour will provide you access to the museum that the general public is unable to see. For those looking to see a look of the area from a helicopter perspective, the ever-popular helicopter tours can do just that! And finally, for those looking to explore the supernatural, ghost tours are available to explore unexplained mysteries in restricted areas of the ship. Who would have thought there would be so many ways to take a look into history?

Patriot’s Point Charleston SC

Patriot’s Point Charleston is one of the area’s most exciting historical sites, providing fun for all ages. The museum is open daily from 9:00am to 6:30pm with the exception of Christmas Day and other federal holidays. Tickets range from $14 for children, $17 for seniors, and $22 for adults. Plan your visit today and visit Patriot’s Point!