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Unitarian Church In Charleston

When you’re looking for a place where history and religion combine to create a sacred experience you can’t go wrong with the Unitarian Church. Touted as the oldest Unitarian church in the South, the first service was held in 1772 even before the building itself was completed. As you step into the door and try to take the whole experience in one glance, you can almost hear the fervent prayers of the faithful who found refuge between these walls. And since this part of the country had its fair share of upheavals, one can only imagine that this church was a safe haven for many a soul in times of trouble.

Historical Roots

When the Society of the Dissenters started building this church as their number grew, little did they know that an event was in the making that would change the shape of the country forever. Just when the building was almost complete, the Revolutionary War broke out in 1776 and construction was abandoned. Both warring sides used the unfinished building for their own purposes during the war. The British used it as a stable for their horses while the Patriots used it as barracks. After the war, the building was completed, and it served two churches at the same time. Then in 1839, it was dedicated to the Unitarian Church.

Unitarian Church Music Programs

Music and the faith go hand in hand. Music enhances your religious experience while religion can inspire the musician to create some of their best work. For that purpose, the church supports various music programs. From candlelight concerts to adult choirs, there’s plenty for the average person to enjoy and even participate in. There’s even an annual event called Martha Welch Scholarship which aims to encourage aspiring local musicians.

Weddings and Special Events

In addition to the services and musical programs, the church also opens its doors and offers its space for weddings and special events. For many future-couples, having the knot tied at the church gives it a special meaning and a blessing from above. Others see a beautiful building that’s also a historical landmark which adds an exceptional beauty to their special day. Wedding receptions are also held on the grounds as well as memorial services. But those ones are only for members of the church.

Charleston’s history can be traced on the ancient buildings that have survived wars, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The Unitarian Church is one such building that merits a visit both for religious and sightseeing purposes. Call us today to learn more about the beautiful architecture of the city and the not-less beautiful accommodations we have.