First up, if you’re in a Charleston beach house today, there’s a celestial occurrence you might want to keep an eye peeled for early this evening.

Actually, you don’t have to be in one of our luxury beach house rentals SC to check it out.  However, if you are in one of our SC vacation rentals, whether it’s a luxury house on Isle of Palms or a Folly Beach house Charleston, you’re in luck, because the skies are clear and blue, which should provide perfect viewing conditions.

Cool celestial triangle near your Charleston beach house

Cool celestial triangle near your Charleston beach house

If you are a stargazer or have noticed the night skies lately, you may have seen Venus being particularly showy and visible to the naked eye.

Well, keep your eyes to the skies at dusk today, because a cool sight will happen around 7:00 p.m.  Venus, Mars and the waxing crescent moon will be lining up in a dramatic triangle shape.

So if you’re in one of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals, you might want to hit the beach at sunset and see it for yourself.  Just look in a west to southwesterly direction, as dusk turns to darkness.

Yet more oysters near your Charleston beach house

Yet more oysters near your Charleston beach house

As I’ve covered in recent blogs, we are in the smack dab in the midst of oyster season in the Lowcountry, a beloved time around these parts.

This past weekend was quite the wingding, as the world’s largest oyster roast took place at Boone Hall Plantation, not far from our beach rentals Charleston.  I am a living witness, it was quite a deluge of people descending upon those 80,000 pounds of fresh steamed oysters, listening to music and enjoying some libations amidst the live oaks.

Coming up this Saturday, February 4th, is “The Big One… under the Big Tin,” the umpteenth annual Sullivan’s Island Fire and Rescue Oyster Roast.

This, too, is convenient to all our beach house rentals Charleston SC, especially our Isle of Palms luxury rentals.   Just cross over the Breach Inlet Bridge and head over to Hennessy Street, then look for the big tin shed/fish fry shack.

Get set for all-you-can-eat oysters, lots of music and general fun, and proceeds go toward the worthy sponsors  –  the good folks who spend the year helping others in need, on land or in the water.   Tickets ($30 advance, $35 at the door) are available at the Harris-Teeter at Sea Island Shopping Center, Simmons Seafood, and the Sullivan’s Island Fire Station and Town Hall.  This is a lively event that draws lots of locals, so it’d be an insider’s oyster roast for those staying in a Charleston beach house.  It takes place from 5:00 till 8:00 p.m. this Saturday, and will be a fun precursor to Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s more from the town’s website:

So check out the night sky tonight, and grab some oysters while the getting’s still good.  And when you are looking for rental homes South Carolina  –   namely, the perfect Charleston beach house  –  just give EP a call for the very best selection.

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