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Charleston Outdoor Adventures

There’s nothing we don’t love about the city we live in, but there’s something even more wonderful about being outdoors in Charleston. Sultry summer days spent fishing from the deck of a boat captained by an experienced fisherman, comfortable fall afternoons spent enjoying the spectacular South Carolina sunsets followed by a full moon tour by kayak; these are just some of the wonderful outdoor activities you can participate in, and Charleston Outdoor Adventures is the company that can help you do so! No other company knows the area better, and no one offers more opportunities for adventure. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting experiences to be had with Charleston Outdoor Adventures!

Eco-Tours, Fossil Hunting, and Education

South Carolina is still an unspoiled wilderness in many places, and Charleston Outdoor Adventures’ tours go where nature still reigns supreme. Eco-tours on the water offer the opportunity to see dolphins at play in their natural habitat, fossil hunting tours allow you the chance to catch a glimpse into the creatures that lived here millions of years ago, and marsh tours enable you to view the creatures that are alive today in their own natural habitats. Exciting and educational, participating in one of these tours may become the highlight of your Charleston vacation!

Paddleboard Adventures

The stand-up paddleboard is the newest fun way to explore the water, and Charleston Outdoor Adventures offers a two-hour tour of the marshes, creeks, and mudflats that make up a good portion of the Charleston waterways. The tour is led by an experienced tour guide that will take you where the wildlife is, but if you prefer to explore on your own, paddleboard rentals allow you to do things your own way!

A Passion for Kayaking

In addition to two- and three-hour marsh tours by kayak, Charleston Outdoor Adventures also offers kayak fishing trips and kayak rentals to ensure your South Carolina adventure happens exactly the way you’ve always dreamed! Safety equipment is provided, however fishing licenses must be purchased from http://www.dnr.sc.gov/purchase.html.

And So Much More

Private tours, exciting adventures, and more fun than you ever dreamed possible is what you will find when you sign up for one of Charleston Outdoor Adventures’ many outdoor experiences! Call 843-795-0330 or e-mail to reserve your tour today and get to know the wild side of Charleston. Daredevils will thrill at the opportunity to conquer Wild Blue, the rope obstacle course that takes place 35 feet in the air!