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All About Isle of Palms and Isle of Palms History

When someone thinks of the coastline off South Carolina, rarely would they expect to hear the word palms. Yet the Isle of Palms does exactly just that with its tropical name. The Isle of Palms is a barrier island located inside Charleston County and centrally located along the South Carolina coast. This vacation friendly town is home to many vacation homeowners and local residents who reside there year-round. When considering your next vacation destination with the Isle of Palms, it is fun to take a look at its colorful history to give you an idea of what sights you might want to see. Isle of Palms history has a point of interest for everyone!

History of the Isle of Palms

The idea of vacations on the Isle of Palms is not a recent idea; it has been happening since the late nineteenth century! The Isle of Palms was previously known as ‘Hunting Island’ and ‘Long Island’ before J.S. Lawrence, who also purchased the land in 1899, founded its namesake. A hotel, beach pavilion, amusement park, and trolley line were all built by 1912, giving South Carolina residents a vacation destination like no other. For 17 years, the trolley line was the only way to reach the island that previously was only accessible by a ferry line. The Grace Memorial Bridge was built in 1929, allowing automobile traffic to finally reach the island and thus allowing residential development to begin.

Home to Civil War Shipwrecks

The vast history of the Isle of Palms does not begin with the development of commercial and residential buildings in the late nineteenth century, but in fact dates back to the Civil War. Renowned underwater archaeologist E. Lee Spence, along with several local residents, discovered many shipwrecks of former Civil War blockade runners. These historic ships include the Rattlesnake, Mary Bowers, Norseman, Stonewall Jackson, Constance, and the Georgiana. The discovery of these historic warships assisted in the creation and passage of the Underwater Antiquities Act that allows the salvage of shipwrecks for archaeological purposes.

History Of Isle Of Palms SC

When booking your next vacation to the Isle of Palms, make sure you check out all of the historical sites in the area. Reserving a place to stay is easy with the help of Exclusive Properties; we offer a large selection of luxurious vacation rentals for your next stay. Now is your chance to check out the history of the Isle of Palms SC!