If you are heading to one of our SC vacation rentals, there’s good news yet again on the gas front.

Gas prices in general are a frequent subject in the news, as I covered in THIS blog, and THIS one.  Because of the drop in crude prices, we’re seeing the lowest prices in many years.

SC vacation rentals are near the best gas prices in the country

SC vacation rentals are near the best gas prices in the country

If you’re coming to one of our rental homes South Carolina, whether it’s a luxury house on Isle of Palms or a Folly Beach house Charleston, chances are you’ll either drive or rent a car while here.  Gas prices are a big factor in summer travel to SC vacation rentals or anywhere for that matter.  Thankfully, our luxury beach house rentals SC are located in a state with some of the lowest gas prices in the entire country.  That means less to spend on petrol  –  and more to spend on fun things like food, activities, your Charleston beach house, maybe even upgrading to one of our Isle of Palms luxury rentals.

Gas prices in the state of South Carolina have dropped for the second week in a row, and once again they are the lowest in the entire country.

The average price recently for a gallon of regular unleaded in the state of South Carolina is now $2.07… the lowest of any state in the great U.S. of A.  This is a 1.3 cent per gallon drop from the previous week.  The national average is right at $2.38 a gallon.

It’s yet another reason to choose beach house rentals Charleston SC as a vacation destination, and now more than ever.

By the way, a gallon of regular unleaded gas is South Carolina is 40 cents less than it was a year ago.

Here’s an article from the Post & Courier with more on the topic:  http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20160613/PC05/160619766

And here’s a link to find the best gas prices in the area around our beach rentals Charleston:  http://www.live5news.com/category/194924/gas-prices   The best price right now in the Lowcountry is $1.92 a gallon.

world's largest sweet tea is near our SC vacation rentals

world’s largest sweet tea is near our SC vacation rentals

Also near our SC vacation rentals – a new world record for sweet tea

They did it!

As a follow-up to that last BLOG… YES, the Town of Summerville is once again the Guinness World Record holder in the category of largest cup of sweet tea.

There were some tense moments.  They had to stir it at 180 degrees for seven whole hours before it cooled to 33 degrees.  But the good folks in Summerville used a giant plastic oar to mix together 210 pounds of locally grown tea, 1,600 pounds of sugar, and 300 ten-pound blocks of ice to produce 2,524 gallons of sweet tea   –   thereby recapturing the world record from the interloper, Lipton, who stole it away from them this past October.

Here’s the full story   –  http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20160610/PC16/160619869

So enjoy the lowest gas prices in the nation.  And remember, when you are looking for SC vacation rentals, especially Isle of Palms vacation rentals, call us for the best ones in the Lowcountry.

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Photo credit: Post & Courier

Image credit: Transport Executive