Of course when you and your loved ones come to stay in a Charleston beach house, whether it’s one of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals or a Folly beach house Charleston, one of the main draws is the BEACH itself.

Most of our luxury beach house rentals SC are either oceanfront or right close to it, so you can enjoy the beach just by sitting on your porch or looking out the window, or by heading out the door and sticking your toes in the sand.

help keep the beach pristine near your Charleston beach house

help keep the beach pristine near your Charleston beach house

Having a clean beach is vital to both visitors and locals alike, not to mention perhaps most of all, the many species of wildlife that call it home. Unfortunately it’s usually we two-legged critters who are the ones who mess it up with litter and pollution of all sorts. Paper, plastic bags, glass bottles, beach furniture, tires, cigarette butts, food wrappers, cans, pieces of Styrofoam coolers can all wreak havoc on wildlife and detract from the natural beauty of our beaches and waterways.

In an effort to combat that, Isle of Palms took a major step forward when it became the first municipality in the state to ban the use of plastic bags in local businesses. They vote was unanimous (8-0) last June, and the ban went into effect at the beginning of this year. So when you go into Harris-Teeter for groceries to stock your luxury house on Isle of Palms, you won’t be asked the question, “Paper or plastic?” You’ll be taking the groceries back to your Charleston beach house in a paper bag – unless you did one step better for the planet, and brought your own reusable shopping bag.

Sweep the Beach near your Charleston beach house…

In a major effort to combat the problem of litter on the beaches and waterways, the Sea Grant Consortium created a statewide event in 1988 called the Beach Sweep/River Sweep South Carolina. It’s taken place every year since, on the third Saturday of September, and the next one is coming up this Saturday, September 17th, from 9:00 a.m. till noon. This will be the 28th Annual Beach Sweep.

The Sweep is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy, which tallies data on just what is discovered and removed, in an effort to prevent pollution in the first place.

It’s the largest one-day volunteer cleanup of its kind, and it’s massive – not to mention fun, important, and eye-opening. It’s incredible just what can accumulate around rental homes South Carolina and beyond. Organized by the Sea Grant Consortium in cooperation with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the goal is to remove as much aquatic debris from beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes, and swamps as possible.

This is what Sea Grant has to say about it:

Why pick up trash?

There’s always going to be garbage, right? What difference does it make?
Aquatic debris is dangerous. Seeing the effects of it first-hand, by participating in the cleanup, can demonstrate that. Litter is a danger to our wildlife, our safety, and our economy.
South Carolina is lucky to have such a vast amount of wonderful aquatic resources. We are home to a diverse wildlife population. Our state’s economy thrives on the tourism industry. However, if we don’t care for our natural resources, they simply won’t be there. Can you imagine a future in which your children or grandchildren won’t be able to enjoy our beaches? Won’t fish? Or boat? If we don’t address the consequences of our throwaway, disposable lifestyle now, these grim possibilities could become our reality, experts tell us. Don’t let it happen!

Everyone is encouraged to take part – families, individuals, youth groups, schools, civic groups, conservation groups, or businesses. When you volunteer you can organize a cleanup (a little late for that this year) or help out with the ones already set up and ready to go.

Sweep the beach near your Charleston beach house!

Sweep the beach near your Charleston beach house!

Here are some stats for the Beach Sweep near our Charleston Beach House…


  • Last year, 4,500 volunteers from across South Carolina pitched in,
  • They removed almost 32 tons of debris from beaches and waterways across the state.
  • In the Beach Sweep’s 27-year history, more than 1,209 tons of litter has been removed.
  • Much of that has been recycled.

Here’s the Sea Grant’s website, which is a clearinghouse of Beach Sweep info: http://www.scseagrant.org/content/?cid=49

If you’d prefer, you can also contact lead coordinator Susan Ferris Hill at (843) 953-2092 or susan.ferris.hill@scseagrant.org

Here are the local contact people for the beaches and waterways around our SC vacation rentals:

Isle of Palms – Email Stacy by Sept. 14 to RSVP – nearest to our Isle of Palms luxury rentals
Stacey Johnson
(843) 327-5831

Sullivan’s Island
Cecily Wood
(843) 883-3123 ext. 221

Mt. Pleasant
Land-based cleanup on the Vickery’s side of Shem Creek,
Mt. Pleasant Dock/ pier restroom area.
Hillary Repik and Brett Champion
(843) 856-2157

Water-based cleanup on Shem Creek
Kathie Livingston
(843) 697-2075
nao@att.net Map Link

Pickett Recreation Area (Old Pitt St. bridge)
Kent Prause
(843) 884-1229
kprause@tompsc.com Map Link

Waterfront Park
Edward Evans (843) 762-0625

Charleston-area Creeks, Rivers, and Marshes
Marsh areas at Northbridge Park
Jamie Gillette
(843) 579-7501

Marsh area just south of Ashley River bridge on HWY 17S – Cleanup scheduled for Oct. 8
Pam Ferguson
(843) 792-6321

Marsh area under Harborview Rd. exit, James Island – Cleanup scheduled for Sept. 16
Jane Byrne
(843) 819-8890

Ft. Johnson – Cleanup scheduled for Sept. 24
Land-based cleanup
Michelle Pate
(843) 953-9087

Longbranch Creek out to Stono River
and marsh area behind Clemson Experimental Station
Clyde Umphlet
(843) 343-7074
LibertymarineSC@aol.com Map Link

Upper Wando River, Horlbeck Creek to Little Cat Island
Brad Kerr
(843) 991-2626

Folly Island/Folly Beach – near Folly Beach rentals Charleston
EV Bell
(843) 953-2085

Mariner’s Cay Racket and Yacht Club
Folly River and Marsh
Teresa Marshall
(828) 553-4670

So consider taking part in the Beach Sweep/River Sweep, either this year or in the future. And when you are looking for beach house rentals Charleston SC, call EP. We’ll find the perfect Charleston beach house for you.   On a clean beach.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger