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All About Our Property Maintenance Services

At Exclusive Properties, we offer a comprehensive list of property management services we provide to each and every home under our care. You will not find generic services with us, but instead find individualized attention given to each home. Here is what you can expect from our property maintenance services.

Top Level of Cleaning

We increase the value of your properties by making sure that each home is looking 100% for potential guests. At Exclusive Properties, we have our own personal team of highly-qualified cleaners who prepare for each guest stay. Our rental home management team also personally inspects each cleaning so that it meets our top level of service. From washing the linens to cleaning down every surface area of your home, we make sure it is ready for the next round of guests.

Repair Services

Unexpected damages can come across any home at the blink of an eye. We make sure that any unexpected repair work that is needed is taken care as quickly as possible. We employ a full-time maintenance manager and certified pool operator who are available every hour of the day to make sure your guests have their needs met. You will not have to worry about annual maintenance, as we make sure any needed upgrades get your approval and are taken care of immediately.

Protecting Your Property

Having a fear of someone you do not know coming into your home and trashing the place is reasonable. Let us take the fear away, as we screen each and every guest reservation so we know who to expect during the stay. You will not have additional guests than what was listed on the reservation since each name is documented. When our guests are checking out, we make sure to inspect the homes immediately after checkout. There will be no unknown factors when your guests choose to stay in your valued home.

Choosing Exclusive Properties for Property Management Services

We provide top-level cleaning, repair, and protection property management services for all of our Isle of Palms properties. You will be in good hands knowing that we look after each home with individualized attention that you cannot find with any other property management company. By choosing such a highly valued company as us, you are guaranteeing a high on investment that will only see your property continue to increase in value. Let Exclusive Properties shoulder the burden of maintenance services without passing a lot of extra cost onto you.