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Annual Festival Of Houses And Gardens

Charleston has a lot going for it: long history, rich culture, and more than its fair share of tumultuous events that have shaped the history of our country. And yes, you can visit it any time and enjoy everything this old city has to offer, but there’s no other time that Old Charleston looks prettier than during the spring. Having shaken off the last of the cold winter days, the city turns around and dons its best attire. The gardens bloom and the parks look their best. It’s springtime and all the gardens and mansions in the city are ready to welcome you. So, step gingerly and immerse yourself in this breathtaking beauty. The Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens starts on Wednesday, March 13th and goes on for more than a month. It officially ends on Thursday, April 18th. Most of the gardens you will visit will be in the Old and Historic District. Prices also vary depending on the tour you choose.


Stunning Architecture

Of course, you can’t just visit the garden in the mansion without checking the house and its architecture as well. In fact, the two go together. The house complements the garden and vice versa. The Historic District is known for its beautiful architecture and fanciful furniture. Styles vary as well, from antebellum, Victorian and Georgian to harborside dwellings. And you can’t help but sense that Charleston is proud of these beautiful houses and gardens and that she’s showing them off. Each tour will take you to about seven properties on average. Alongside the tour, there will be luncheons, teas, lectures, and soirees as well. You can say that the Festival of Houses and Gardens is a comprehensive program that gets you acquainted with this elegant side of Charleston that you might have missed even if you were living here.


Festival Of Houses And Gardens Highlights

Some parks and courtyards are an attraction in their own right without the need for a quaint or a magnificent structure nearby to add to it. Taking a garden tour can be quite rewarding. Each tour also will take you through 7 to 10 gardens. Moving between the gardens is on foot, but the way each tour is designed, the places you visit are usually within a short walking distance. Enjoy a spectacular show of trees, flowering plants, shrubs and bulbs, exotic flowers, and fascinating designs. Plan and book your tour in advance and enjoy the sight of Charleston looking her very best.