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Candlelight Tour Of Homes And Gardens

A lot has been written about the beauty of Charleston, that ancient southern belle who grows even more ravishing with every passing day. And one undeniable aspect of that beauty has to do with the magnificent gardens and architecture that have come to distinguish the city. Touring these homes and gardens has its own annual festival. But have you thought about what these homes and gardens would look light after dark? And by dark, we mean total darkness—except for candlelight. The experience can be simultaneously romantic, mystifying, and thrilling, so much so that the Southeastern Tourism Society has selected it among the top 20 events in Charleston. The Candlelight Tour takes place every year in the fall from September 19th through October 26th.


Private Homes

Now, before you start thinking that this is another ghost walk tour like the many operating in Charleston, rest assured that all the homes here are privately-owned and inhabited. None are haunted, and there’s nothing even remotely spooky about them. Each Candlelight Tour will take you through about eight properties that have distinct beauty to them. They are in close proximity to each other the properties, so you won’t have to walk much. The guide will give you a brief history of the houses you’re touring and some fascinating things regarding the architecture, design and the furniture.


More Than History

As you can expect, the tours are more than a few tales about the history of the building and how it was built; many of these homes have been selected by the Preservation Society, the organization that runs these tours, because they have something special about them. It could be the landscape, the art, the antiques, the botany, or any other thing that is worth seeing.

It’s also an opportunity to learn more about different art styles. If you don’t know what an ancon or a frieze are, or the difference between a jerkinhead and a mansard roof, you’ll learn all about it during one of these tours.


Intimate Look – Home And Garden Tour

The Home And Garden Tours mainly are so popular among people because they allow them an intimate glimpse into the lives of some of the famous historic buildings and homes in the city. You don’t have to be history student to appreciate such grandeur; the tours also open the doors of some of the most exclusive homes in town for your inquisitive eyes.