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Cooper River Bridge Run
April 6, 2018

Bridge Run

“Get over it!” has never been so encouraging! One of South Carolina’s most famous 10k races, the annual Cooper River Bridge Run is a popular event in which hundreds of people push themselves to “get over” the Cooper River Bridge in a run from Mt. Pleasant to Downtown Charleston. The event has been so successful, it’s been going strong for over 36 years!

As a 10k, the race is not for the faint of heart. It’s a challenge that pushes your body to realize what it’s fully capable of. If you want to be in shape, a 10k is a great goal to aim for. And if you’re already plenty athletic, 10ks are perfect for seeing how you compare to the rest of the locals. If just the thought of a good run gets your heart pumping, the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston SC is for you!

More than a Race

The Cooper River Bridge Run really goes above and beyond. In addition to the 10k, the Run also hosts a Kid’s Run, in which even toddlers in strollers are encouraged to come! This is an excellent choice for a family with budding athletes. The Charleston Bridge Run is highly inclusive, hosting a competitive wheelchair race as well.

If you think parking will be a problem, don’t worry! Because the event is so popular, shuttle buses (and shuttle boats!) are available for registered participants! All who cross the finish line will receive a 2018 Finisher’s Medal featuring the iconic Cooper River Bridge in Charleston SC. The finish line is also host to plenty of food, live music, and all sorts of vendors, to add a celebratory flair to your finish. Try picking up one of the chic shirts available from the Bridge Run’s store—they make great souvenirs for your trip!

Plus, there are over a dozen charities that work with the Cooper River Bridge Run. The race is not just good for you, but for the community too!


Participants will need to be at the racetrack by 7 a.m. sharp on April 6th, the day of the Cooper River Bridge Run, having gotten their participant packets before this day. The dash begins at 8 o’ clock and continues for 3 hours. For more information, head to Bridgerun.com!

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