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Isle Of Palms Easter Egg Hunt

Easter activities are always fun for the whole family. Usually, Easter egg hunts are meant for children to play their favorite game of looking for hidden eggs, but more and more separate contests are being organized for adults as well. There are even cash prizes for the one who finds the most eggs. So, whether you’re a parent or a child, young or old, Isle of Palms is the right place to be on Saturday, April 20th, 2019, because at 10 am sharp the hunt for the elusive eggs starts! Make sure you arrive early at the Isle of Palms Recreation Department which is located at no. 24 28th Ave, Isle of Palms, SC, and may the best contestant win!


Rain or Shine

Everyone is hoping for a good sunny day on the day of the Isle of Palms Easter egg hunt, but since it is a fun day and we wouldn’t want the kids to feel disappointed, in case of rain, the event will move indoors. At the gym, the children will gather around, get candy, play games. They will also have their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny who naturally won’t be hopping around out in the rain because, as we all know, rabbits don’t like to get their feet wet.


Hunt in Groups

In order to give the children a fair chance, they will be divided into groups based on their age. There are four groups that hunt for eggs and each has its own separate contest. The first group is toddlers 3 and under. Then the second group is for kids 4 to 6 years old. 7- to 9-year-olds will join the third group and finally, children 10 to 12 make up the last group. And since there are no losers in this hunt, every child who takes part in the Easter egg hunt will get a bag full of candy. Not bad for a half-hour’s work!


More Activities

Mr. Easter Bunny will be at hand to pose for photos with the kids and entertain them while they go on their serious egg hunting mission. After the egg hunt is over and everyone is happily chewing on their candy, other activities will be rolled out. These include jump castles, snow cones, face painting, ice cream, and cotton candy. Also, make sure to check out our selection of vacation homes in Isle of Palms and book your trip today!