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Isle of Palms Annual Sand Sculpting Contest
June 9, 2018

Isle of Palms has a ton of great beaches, and building sand castles has always been a popular beachfront pastime. Every day, we see hundreds of people at the beach building intricate little creations out of the sand, and the city of Isle of Palms has memorialized this practice with the annual Sand Sculpting Contest. Check out this amazing event in South Carolina and see the true works of art that are created.

About This Isle of Palms Event

This year marks the 30th edition of the Isle of Palms Annual Sand Sculpting Contest. The city hosts this event in South Carolina every year, and it is a local favorite. The event this year is on June 9th and will begin promptly at 9 am. There are multiple divisions offered for competition, including Children (ages 14 and under), Young Adult (ages 15 – 20), Adult (ages 21 and over), and Family (at least one adult and one young adult or child). There are prizes for every division, along with awards for best architecture, most creative, and best in show overall.

What to Expect

Builders and competitors will use all sorts of materials and tools to create their works of art. Participants use buckets, shovels, and temporary supports to create sand art ranging from simple castles to elaborate sculptures. The rules stipulate that only sand and water may be used to construct sand sculptures, although minor decorations are allowed as long as they are biodegradable. These conditions allow for some of the most interesting and creative works imaginable.

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