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Isle Of Palms 4th Of July Fireworks

It goes without saying that we all look forward to the 4th of July. Not just because it’s a day off, but because of all the fireworks and celebrations. The only ones that dislike this day have to be our pets. Dogs especially find it hard not to freak out with all the popping noises going on all day and night. Other than our furry friends, we all enjoy the day and seek the hotspots of entertainment and fireworks to celebrate in style. And here in Isle of Palms, the city has put together some great shows for everyone to enjoy.


The Show – 4th Of July South Carolina

The Front Beach area is where the fireworks show takes place every year. It usually starts at 9 pm and admission is free for everyone. However, preparation for the fireworks display usually takes time. So, from 6.30 pm, that area will be closed for everybody. Try to avoid the stretch on the beach between 21st Avenue to 3rd Sea Cabins. You can retreat to the park area or go behind the restroom facilities to watch the Isle Of Palms 4th Of July fireworks.



Since the Isle Of Palms 4th Of July fireworks display attracts thousands of people every year, you can expect the parking to be a bit of a problem. However, thanks to the Municipal Parking Lots, both traffic and parking have become smoother. The parking lots are open from 8 am until 8 pm. Automated parking kiosks dispense parking tickets which cost $1 per hour. Make sure you display the parking ticket on your dashboard before you leave the car. Violations will result in a $25 ticket. You can also park on Ocean Boulevard between 10th and 14th avenues where metered parking is available. It costs $1.50 an hour for parking.


Safety on July 4th

If this is your first 4th of July on the beach, then you need to heed a few safety tips. One important thing to remember is that alcohol is not allowed on the beach. If you bring your dog with you (if he’s a brave dog that doesn’t get scared of the noise), then you must put him/her on a leash. No littering is allowed. And if you dig a hole to enjoy the fireworks in comfort, please fill up the hole before you leave. Enjoy your 4th of July with Exclusive Properties!