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Charleston New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2018

There is something special about a night dedicated to the promise of a new year; no matter how we choose to celebrate, we all retain some hope, deep in our hearts, that the upcoming year is going to be the best ever. We smile, we laugh, we raise a glass to dreams, hopes, promises and to love. Some of us fall asleep early, waking up briefly to wish our partner in life Happy New Year, before falling back to sleep, while others party the night away, not wanting to miss a moment of this special celebration. If you’re visiting Isle of Palms for this New Year’s Eve, here are a couple events in Charleston that are of special note—enjoy!

Yorktown Countdown Inside Warship’s Hangar and Flight Deck

Live music and DJ’s, dancing in heated tents, and a full bar all make for a fun way to ring in the New Year! Lasting from 9 till 1 AM and costing $150 a person ($100 if you start early!) The Yorktown Countdown is THE place to be on NYE!

Sermet’s & the Mezz 2018 New Year’s Eve Party 276 King Street

The Cocktail Hour Countdown starts at 5PM, ends at 8:30 PM, and costs $125 per person. Featuring a four course meal with wine and champagne, party favors and bubble toasts, taking part in this celebration allows you to be home and in your pajamas at the stroke of midnight! The midnight countdown costs $200 a person, features a five course meal and starts at 9:30. NYE has never been this fun!

Exclusive Properties

Whether you are a “party the night away” type of person or “stay home in your jammies” celebrator, it’s not too late to book your luxury Exclusive Properties vacation home now and celebrate events in Charleston for New Year’s Eve in comfort and style on the Isle of Palms. What are you waiting for?