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Plantation Tours

Life in the low country wasn’t as bad as history likes to portray it. Life was more relaxed, less stressful, and easy going. And if you could avoid the odd hurricane and twister, you were fine. But don’t just take our word for it; head over to Middleton Place, the national historic landmark, and see for yourself what life on the plantation was like. Located at 4300 Ashley River Road Charleston, SC 29414, every year on 10th and 11th of November, the public is invited to take part in plantation tours.


Immersive Experience

The significance of these two plantation days in November has to do with the fact that they coincide with the harvest season. During the tour, you get a very personal experience of life as it was two centuries ago. The workshops are buzzing with workers. Kitchens are bustling with cooking and the food smells delicious. Yes, it was all organic farming back then and fruit and vegetables had a distinct and natural taste and flavor. Watch how textiles were made and listen to the sorrowful sound of the loom, which Mark Twain described as the saddest sound in the world. Blacksmiths work in their workshops and potters create pottery while other workers process rice and cotton. Another place will have people making candles. Life on the plantation had to be self-sufficient. Everything that was needed to keep the plantation going was manufactured then and there. This included weaving baskets, making gourds, tanning leather and all other basic products.


Harvest Time – Plantation Days

There’s no doubt that the harvest season was the busiest time of the year for the people living and working on the plantation. Crops needed to be harvested, sorted, packed and sent to the market to sell. Other crops needed to be stored on the plantation to sustain the folks during the long winter months. Sadly, most of the work was done by slaves back then, and you can see the slaves’ quarters on the plantation. Life was really hard for those folks. Tickets for the tour are sold on their website. Tickets for adults cost $29 while students are charged $15 and children under 13 are charged $10. Children under 6 attend for free.

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