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Southern Comfort Lowcountry Blues Bash
February 3-12, 2018

Every year in February, Charleston and its surrounding towns, counties, and islands become just a little bit smoother and a whole lot cooler; this is time the Southern Comfort Lowcountry Blues Bash makes its way into town! For two weeks, multiple venues in the area open up their doors to blues musicians, both contemporary and traditional, filling our days and nights with the sweet sounds of the blues. In the past, these events in South Carolina have taken place at over 20 different locations, including bars, restaurants and even libraries! Read on to learn more about the South Carolina Lowcountry Blues Bash.

The Details

This year’s bash is still in the planning stages, so be sure and stop back in every so often for updates. Many of the events at the Southern Comfort Lowcountry Blues Bash are free and open to people of all ages. After all, how can children grow up to appreciate the sweet wonder that is the blues if they aren’t exposed to it in their youth?

If you’re looking for some adult time, check out the Blues Bash events that happen at night. Held at clubs in and around Charleston, the good times won’t end when you spend a night with a few hundred new friends, and the music of performers like John Primer, Eddie Shaw & the Wolf Gang, and Maurice John Vaughn’s Chi-Town’s Blues Review—all talented musicians who have performed at the South Carolina Lowcountry Blues Bash in year’s past.

Exclusive Properties

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