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Southern Living Taste Of Charleston

Southern Living Taste of Charleston is a culinary event organized by The Greater Charleston Restaurant Association. It’s an annual event where over 50 restaurants take part in one of the most enchanting food experiences anyone could dream of. Even if you’re thoroughly familiar with Lowcountry cuisine, this special event will surprise you with delightful tastes and flavors that you didn’t know existed. It takes place in Charleston during the fall. According to their website, no information is available yet about the 2019 event, although they promise great news coming our way soon.


Fine Food in Samples

What should you expect when you take part in Southern Living Taste of Charleston? Well, for one thing, you can expect a lot of great delicious food. In the past, the event had over 5000 visitors who enjoyed the food of about 500 exhibitors. The contests involve local chefs competing against each other to produce the best that Charleston kitchens have to offer. Other contests focus on desserts and other dishes. But as the name implies, all the dishes are from Southern cuisine. Visitors get to sample the food and judge for themselves.


More Than Food – Taste Of Charleston

As you might expect from such events, it’s always about more than just food. Wine is, of course, served along with the food samples, which is a great opportunity for you to learn a few things about food-wine pairings. It’s an art that only great chefs have mastered, and they freely offer you tips about which food goes with which wine best. The event also involves cooking demos. If your only experience with chef cooking is through cooking shows on TV, here you can see the culinary artists at work. There’s also a food truck rodeo and other lively activities to keep you entertained.


Charitable Events

The Greater Charleston Restaurant Association is a not-for-profit organization serving the restaurant industry in Charleston. It represents all people who work in the restaurant business which makes it the largest private sector employer in the tri-state area. The association offers many benefits to its members and introduces many charity programs that serve the community. Annual fundraising events are held to support local charities. Over the past years, more than $1 million was raised with the help of the Charleston Restaurant Foundation. The association also holds two charitable events every year for fundraising purposes. One of them is Southern Living Taste of Charleston and the other is the Lowcountry Oyster Festival.