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Nature Journey To Isle Of Palms

The Isle of Palms is one of those vacation destinations where nature gives a lot to ponder and enjoy. For the nature and wildlife lover, there’s plenty here to keep you busy. Both on land and water, the adventure doesn’t end. So if you’re planning your journey to the Isle of Palms, buckle up, because your vacation is going to be packed with activities and eco tours in Isle of Palms!

Day 1: Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on the beach is just as romantic as it sounds. Many local equestrian centers in town and near Charleston will give you lessons to prepare you for your ride. Even if you’re an experienced rider, the facilities around here are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Day 2: Go Golfing

Golf courses are a landmark of the Isle of Palms. Many well-known courses such as Wild Dunes Harbor Golf Course and Wild Dunes Links Golf Course offer a world-class golf course for tee time. Spend a day out on the green grass where the perfectly manicured courses will challenge your golfing skills.

Day 3: Island Hopping

The coastline here is within reach of many wonderful islands that you can enjoy visiting within a day. Between Daniel Island, Brunswick, GA, and Amelia Island, FL, the charms of marine life and the unique beauty of the ocean have never been more immersive and appealing.

Day 4: Isle of Palms Eco Tours

Spending the day out on the wetlands in one of the many eco tours in Isle of Palms is just one of the attractions of the outdoors around here. The waterways are very much accessible, and a boat tour is just the right thing to do here if you want to explore the beauty of the coastal wetlands. Gliding over the water as you weave your way between the historical architecture is an experience not to be missed.

Day 5: Fishing Charters

If fishing is your game, the Isle of Palms is your destination. Fishing tours here will get you in touch with some of the most experienced captains on the East Coast. Get some tips about the best game and take incredible pictures of your prize fish to show the folks back at home.

Day 6: Biking in the Low Country

Bicycling and the Lowcountry go hand in hand, or should we say foot to pedal? Bike rentals are numerous here. Pick your beach cruiser and spend the whole day exploring the heart of town, the beach, and everywhere in between. Mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and commuter bikes are available in all shapes and sizes.

Day 7: Take a Ghost Tour

Ending your week with a bang calls for a close encounter with the supernatural. Whether you believe in ghosts or not is not that important. The tour of the old haunted places is a delight for everyone seeking the thrill of the unknown.

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