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Beach Journey To Isle Of Palms

When you hear the white sand, clear water, and blue skies calling you, it’s time to pack your bags and head to Isle of Palms. Here you’ll find everything you need to have a relaxing and fun vacation, from walking on the beach to swimming, having a picnic, digging for shells, and exploring the local ecosystems. The beach is the main reason many people come here, and for a good reason. The surf is gentle, and the sand is soft, and there is miles and miles of it, so you will never feel crowded, no matter how many people flock to the beach every day.


Sullivan’s Island Beach

Besides its natural beauty and the fact that it seems to stretch to the horizon, this beach attracts people because it always looks clean, unspoiled, and uncrowded. Your line of sight won’t be interrupted by any high-rise buildings, so you get the feeling like you’re in the arms of nature at its most pure and authentic. The dolphins and pelicans add visual effects to increase this sense of natural beauty. The sand under your feet feels soft like powder and beautiful shells dot this smooth white carpet if you care to dig them out. This is a very relaxing place where you can spend the day just chilling away from the bustling crowds.


Dewees Island – Isle of Palms Beach Adventures

When you feel you’ve had enough of Isle of Palms Beach and Sullivan’s Island Beach, but you still want to explore more beaches, Dewees Island is waiting for you. It’s only a short ferry ride away, but will you feel like you’ve gone back in time a few hundred years. There’s practically nothing here to remind you of the 21st century, or even the 19th century for that matter: no cars, restaurants, stores or traffic lights. It’s just you and nature. But you won’t get bored, as there are plenty of water sports to enjoy here, including kayaking and fishing. The forests, too, offer nice hiking trails, and you can spend a pleasant afternoon exploring the various local fauna and flora.


Boat Tours

Since you’re in close proximity to the ocean, it wouldn’t hurt to take a boat tour. Some of the tours will take you to the historic places in Charleston to learn about some of the city’s rich history, while other tours will take you deep into the ocean for a good view of the marine life and maybe some fishing, too.

The Isle of Palms beach experience is both unique and tantalizing. There’s a lot of water sports to enjoy, or you can just chill on the beach all day sipping beer and enjoying the scenic views. For more information, call us today and book your vacation rental!