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Epicurean Journey To Isle Of Palms

Dining and food are an integral part of your vacation here. From casual dining to fine dining, your taste buds will be challenged here as you sample the best restaurants in Isle of Palms SC. And since the Lowcountry is practically by the ocean, then you can expect seafood to feature prominently in your diet during your stay.

Day 1: Casual Dining

For the lover of a quick bite between great activities, there are plenty of cafes and diners to satisfy all tastes and culinary needs. From the Refuge with its bagels, cocktails and American Fare to Banana Cabana serving burgers and pizzas, you’re only a short walk away from your next snack or casual meal.

Day 2: Fine Dining

Of course, as we all know you can’t live on burgers and pizzas alone. Evenings call for a sumptuous meal in a posh place. Old Village Post House Inn is one of the best restaurants in Isle of Palms SC for the kind of experience you are looking for. With its old-world rooms, this historic inn is classy, and the food is great.

Day 3: Seafood Restaurants in Isle of Palms SC

Seafood here is plentiful and comes in all shapes, sizes, and dishes. Long Island Cafe is a bistro that focuses on seafood. You can also get beef and chicken there, but seafood is what really attracts customers to their comfort food. Other notable outlets include Acme Lowcountry Kitchen and Coastal Provisions.

Day 4: Pizza and Italian

Since you’re on a vacation, pizzas and Italian food should have a place on your menu. Some diners like Coda Del Pesce live up to their name with its homemade pasta and wonderful desserts. One of our other favorite restaurants in Isle of Palms SC, Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria, is the kind of place you go to for Italian comfort food, even if the plates are small.

Day 5: Southern Cuisine

Speaking of comfort food, since you’re in the Lowcountry, you should definitely consider Southern cuisine. Langdon’s Restaurant & Wine Bar is the best place to get a taste of that famous food. The food is healthy, and they offer a wide selection of wines and desserts.

Day 6: French & Mediterranean

If you fancy Mediterranean food, then you need to go no further than Saveurs Du Monde Café. The French name gives you a clue about the type of food you’ll be served here. Crêpes, quiches, and tartines, as well as French pastries, will tickle your tasting buds.

Day 7: Ice Cream, Bakeries & Desserts

Saving the sweetest for last, don’t forget to stop at Bakies, Inc. and treat yourself to their cakes and cookies. While you’re there, you might want to take a few cooking classes!

For the foodies, the Lowcountry has everything you need. Different cuisines and plenty of food for the hungry. Give us a call today for more information on local restaurants in Isle of Palms SC and to book your vacation home.