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Dog Lovers Journey To Isle Of Palms

Planning a vacation to the Isle of Palms can easily be the most exciting thing you’ll do throughout the year, and you have every reason to get excited about it. There’s a lot to enjoy and experience in this touristic jewel in South Carolina. Yet, as a dog lover, you’re faced with the quintessential dilemma: What do you do about your four-legged friend? You can’t leave your dog behind while go off to enjoy your vacation. That doesn’t sound right. You want to have quality time during your vacation with Fido. Isle of Palms solves this problem for you, as many of the local attractions not only welcome dogs but have special activities to keep them entertained as well. Here are some of the places that you can visit in Isle of Palms pets love!


Dolphin Watching

One of the most delightful activities for both humans and pets is watching dolphins. There’s something fascinating about those marine animals that makes us want to spend hours in their company. Maybe it’s the dolphins being playful that attracts us. And here around Isle of Palms, you can find many great spots to get close to dolphins. Take your dog on a charter tour from the many offered by The Pride Schooner, Nature Adventures, or Om Sailing Charters. Spend the day reveling with the marine life and watching dolphin pods playing around the boat.


Walking Tours – Isle of Palms Pets

When vacationing in a historic place that has seen its fair share of tumultuous events, you’ll definitely want to explore that side of the town. And as you well know, the best way to explore it is on foot and bring your best friend with you, too. You’ll both enjoy the walk. Some of the recommended tours are Oyster Point Historic Walking Tours, Lowcountry Walking Tours, and Walks in History, among others. During your walk, you can stop and enjoy a quick meal at one of the many quaint diners and cafes along the route.


Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Just like walking tours, horse-drawn carriage tours offer another glimpse of the town that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy if you’re traveling at a faster pace. Take Fido on a slow-paced ride across town. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful architecture, the historic buildings, and the walk back in time.


Just because you’re going on a vacation doesn’t mean you should leave your dog behind. By all means, bring your furry friend along with you and enjoy Isle of Palms with all its majesty. Call us today to learn more about the various attractions you can enjoy and to book your vacation home.