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Fall Journey To Isle Of Palms

While many people believe that when the summer ends it brings a close to all the entertainment and Isle of Palms travel, that in fact is not true at all. This is a town that keeps entertaining no matter the season or weather conditions. And when the fall starts, it’s time to enjoy a different facet of this area that no other season reveals. As nature puts on a show of different shades of red, orange, and yellow, some of the activities and attractions acquire a certain beauty that begs you to explore and enjoy them while the color festivities last. And you’d better hurry, because winter is always around the corner, and this dazzling show won’t last for long.

Eco Tours – Isle of Palms Travel

Since we’re talking about the coast, the beach, and the ocean, taking a charter should be one of your priorities. Water tours around here are exceptionally beautiful and entertaining. The marine life is varied, and you can spend the whole day exploring the small islands and their unique ecosystems without getting bored. Some tours offered by Barrier Islands Eco Tours explore these beautiful islands and are filled with exploring and excavation activities. You’ll learn a lot about the local habitats and the different fauna and flora which make these islands such fascinating places to visit. Other recommended tour providers include Sandlapper Water Tours and Nature Adventures.

Escape Rooms

When the weather outside is either too hot or too chilly for your liking, it’s time to head indoors for one of the many activities this town is famous for, and one of those is escape rooms. The idea is quite simple: You get locked inside a room and you have about 60 minutes to make your great escape. Inside the room you’ll find clues and puzzles that you need to solve. Depending on the theme of the room, the clues can range from the mysterious and macabre to the downright funny. Two main establishments that offer this type of entertainment are Elite Escape Games and Escape in 60.

The 34 West Theater Company

Art and culture are very much a big part of the charm of this area, and there’s nothing like original live theatre to enjoy an evening out. The 34 West Theater Company is right at the heart of Charleston. One thing you’ll enjoy about it is that the actors play multiple parts. It’s more on the experimental side where the fourth wall is oftentimes crossed and even broken.

The fall season means it is the perfect time for Isle of Palms travel. Grab your shoes and head out, because there’s a lot to enjoy and do out here. Call us today to learn more about the great attractions and to book your vacation rental.