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Health And Wellness Journey To Isle Of Palms

What’s a vacation if you can’t relax, destress, and detox? For many people, it’s the only time in the year where they can shed off the stress of daily life, work, commuting, and all the other annoyances that burden us. This is why it makes sense to plan your vacation around Isle of Palms spas, health centers, and gyms in town. Here you’ll find everything you need to help you achieve deep relaxation and have you feeling rejuvenated.


Beach House Spa – Isle of Palms Spa

Located at 1030 Carolina Blvd, this idyllic cottage offers many therapies and treatments, from reflexology and hot stones to facials, microdermabrasion, and massage. But the therapy that makes this place so popular has to be their body treatment packages. You can choose the Sugar Glow package, where your whole body is covered with brown sugar, then rubbed, exfoliated and massaged. Another package, the Salt Glow, uses the same technique but replaces brown sugar with natural sea salt and essential oils. The result in both cases is the same: You feel deeply relaxed, healed, and practically glowing. The spa also offers tinting, waxing, and different massage therapies.


Massage Envy Spa Mount Pleasant

This Isle of Palms spa has a different approach to body treatment. Offering three types of treatment—massage, skin care, and stretch—this approach promises to be more comprehensive and effective. Their massage therapy includes trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and sports massage; each type focuses on a different body problem from aching muscles to deep tension. The skin care approach offers an exclusive treatment called Microderm Infusion which uses precision-timed hydration technology for better results. You can also go for the chemical peel or any of their customized healthy skin facials. Finally, the stretch approach uses Streto for a full body stretch.


Estuary Spa

The focus of Estuary Spa is on rejuvenating the body by helping you achieve a deep state of relaxation. And to get to that point, the spa doesn’t spare any time or effort to help you shed off the stress and tension that you carry around all day. From the scented candles and soft music to the dim light and ambiance, you’ll find it easy to unwind. For a full body treatment, try their body wraps and body scrubs. The body enhancements are another revolutionary way to achieve great results in a relatively short time.

Your health and wellness journey to Isle of Palms starts with a visit to a spa or a health center where you know you’ll be in good hands. Get in touch with us today and let our experts help you plan your vacation.