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Winter Journey To Isle Of Palms

Since the Isle of Palms is well known for its beaches and pristine waters, many people assume it’s a summer destination. But winter brings its own charm to the Lowcountry. Both the carnivals and the many Isle of the Palms things to do have little to do with the weather and can be enjoyed all year round.

Day 1: Golfing

Many golf courses here will test your mastery of the sport. There’s nothing like teeing on the green with the magnificent views of the ocean, the historic city and expanding horizon behind your back. It beats playing in the city any time. The golf courses here have everything from salt marshes and lagoons to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Day 2: Ghost Tour

It is said that ghosts like the winter. This is lucky, of course, since this will increase your chance of getting spooked by a few stray ghosts when you go on a ghost tour. Visit some of the most haunted places in town and learn their creepy stories and what keeps them trapped in these places.

Day 3: Tennis

Another outdoor sport that you can enjoy on any day of the year. The backdrop is Mt. Pleasant, Charleston and Sullivan’s Island. Serving will feel different when you have views like these surrounding you. If you want to improve your game, there are lessons offered where you can learn from the experts.

Day 4: Shopping

Of course, shopping should be on your list as one of the top Isle of the Palms things to do in the winter. Being a tourist destination, you can expect to find all sorts of quaint boutiques offering everything from antiques and vintage items to clothing, gifts, and souvenirs. Spend a day shopping and carry home something to remember the vacation by.

Day 5: Art Galleries

Artists have always found Charleston and the Lowcountry too appealing to pass up. With so many galleries offering paintings, sculptures, and mixed media artwork, your day will be well spent enjoying the fine works of the local artists. Many of their pieces are worthy of a place at your home.

Day 6: Carriage Tour

When you get tired of walking around, it’s time to board a carriage and let a jovial horse carry you around the historic places of the town. Take a few stops to enjoy the history and architecture of the area and learn a few things about the place where the first shot in the Civil War was fired.

Day 7: Food Trip

Dedicating a day for food is an opportunity that all foodies wouldn’t want to miss. From casual to fine dining, all major cuisines are represented here. Whether you like Italian, French, Mediterranean or the famous Southern cuisine, the food here is delicious and served with love and a smile.

Your winter journey to the Lowcountry is packed with activities and fun. Get in touch with us today to get more ideas on what to do in Isle of Palms and to book your vacation home.