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Spring Journey To Isle Of Palms

As soon as the last winter chill melts under the warm April sun, people start to get the spring itch. It’s when you can’t wait to leave your home and city behind and head somewhere where the sand is silky and the ocean gently laps against the beach. And when you finally feel that warm sand between your toes, that’s when you know that the winter is over and you’re ready for some fun and frolicking under the sun on your Isle of Palms SC vacation.

Walking Tours – Isle Of Palms SC Vacation

Being out and about has a nice feel to it after all these long winter months. Take advantage of the walking tours offered here at Isle of Palms and get some good exercise while enjoying the great architecture of the town. Oyster Point Historic Walking Tours takes you around Charleston uncovering all the hidden nooks and crannies that you might miss on your walk. You start from the French Quarter and make your way to the City Market and the Old Exchange. Lowcountry Walking Tours takes you down a different path in the back alley of Charleston and its rich history. Other tour providers of note include Pineapple Tour Group, Beachside Excursions, and Walks in History.

Ghost & Vampire Tours

We all love a spooky place that sends a chill down one’s spine. It’s the same reason why we watch scary movies and listen to vampire stories. As we get older that delicious feeling those stories left in us still lingers, which might explain the popularity of ghost and vampire tours. Even people who don’t believe in ghosts and wouldn’t bother watching a vampire movie find these tours irresistible during their Isle of Palms SC vacation. The tours will take you down to cemeteries, haunted mansions, and spooky places that you wouldn’t normally visit at night. Ashley on the Cooper Walking Tours, Yorktown Ghost Tours, and Ghost City Tours of Charleston have some interesting places to show you.

Boone Hall Plantation

This part of our country has seen its fair share of big events, some of them painful. Yet preserving that history is important for future generations, and you can learn a lot about that history at Boone Hall Plantation. It is a working plantation with all the buildings and furniture intact. The mansion was built in 1935, and there are nine slave cabins as well. Daily tours include theatrical performances. This plantation was the location for movies like The Notebook and shows like Queen.

Visit Isle of Palms during the spring to enjoy the warm sun, great beaches, and outdoor walks that will make you feel alive. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the charms of this vacation destination and to book your vacation home.