SC vacation rentals are great for many reasons. They’re near the lowest gas prices in the country. More about that in a minute.

Farmers Market season is in full swing, and it’s a great change to eat local and support area farmers.

A recent article in USA Today highlighted the top farmer’s market in each one of the 50 states.

It comes as no surprise that the very best one in the state of South Carolina would be near your Charleston beach house. Yes, the Charleston Farmers Market was tapped as the standout in the entire state.

Here’s the full list:

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market

The Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square is an easy drive from all our SC vacation rentals

Without a doubt, the list is long of good reasons to stay in a Charleston beach house — be it one of Exclusive Properties’ Isle of Palms luxury rentals or maybe a Folly Beach house Charleston.

You’ll have plenty of room for all your family and friends. After all, our Isle of Palms vacation rentals are among the most spacious on the island.

You’ll be close to the beach, as most of our beach rentals Charleston are just steps from the sand —- PLUS the history and charm of downtown Charleston. It’s an easy 20-minute or so drive from all our beach house rentals Charleston SC.

Come to SC vacation rentals and enjoy the lowest gas prices in the nation…

And if you drive to our SC vacation rentals or rent a car while you’re here, you’ll enjoy the lowest gas prices of any state in the country.

Not only that, but prices are falling and are about a penny less than they were a week ago.

Right now, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in South Carolina is $2.03, according to GasBuddy. According to AAA, it’s a couple cents lower than that. The national average for a gallon of gas is right at $2.33.

Prices vary widely around the Lowcountry, but there’s a handy app by Live 5 News that shows the latest local news and weather as well as the lowest gas prices in the Lowcountry, available for iPhone and Android.

They also have a gas price feature on their website:
Last I checked, you could get a gallon of regular unleaded in St. George for just $1.85 per gallon.

And here’s more on the story:

So remember, when you are looking for rental homes South Carolina – namely luxury beach house rentals SC around Charleston, contact EP. We’ll put you in the perfect luxury house on Isle of Palms that’s ideal for your Lowcountry gathering.


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