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Angel Oak Tree

Nestled on John’s Island outside of Charleston, the Angel Oak is a unique natural treasure in the Isle of Palms region for its immense size, its breathtaking beauty, and its amazing longevity. Find out more below about the Angel Oak Tree and why this attraction is worth paying a visit during your time in Isle of Palms.

A Beautiful Natural Attraction near Isle of Palms

The Angel Oak is a majestic Southern live oak tree located on John’s Island that draws in countless visitors each year who flock in search of its picturesque splendor. Named for the owners of the land it sits on, Justus Angel and Martha Waight Tucker Angel, the tree is believed to be as old as 400 to 500 years. It has a towering height of over 66-feet tall and 28-feet of width, shading an area of about 17,200 square feet. The longest branch on the Angel Oak was measured at 187 feet, with many of the tree branches resting on the ground and adding to the mysterious ambiance of the spot.
Although not the oldest tree in the region, the Angel Oak has an interesting history. It’s one of the oldest living things in the nation, and the land surrounding it was included in a land grant from 1717 for Abraham Waight. It survived Hurricane Hugo’s wrath in 1989 before being protected by the City of Charleston. Local folklore says that the tree is home to the ghosts of former slaves, reappearing as angels. It is considered a sacred place by many locals.

The Angel Oak is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Monday through Saturday and from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Sundays. It does not cost any admission fee to visit the Angel Oak, making it not only an awe-inspiring attraction worth visiting, but an affordable one as well.

You’ll encounter the Angel Oak at 3688 Angel Oak Rd., John’s Island, SC 29455. You can also find out more information about the Angel Oak Tree by calling (843) 559-3496 or speaking with one of our representatives at Exclusive Properties.

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Angel Oak Tree is just one of the many stunning and intriguing attractions that Isle of Palms and the surrounding area have to offer during your time here. Contact our office today for more information when you reserve your lodgings in one of our amazing vacation rentals!