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Dock Street Theater

Dock Street Theater

For a long time—over 300 years, in fact—one of the finest ways to spend an evening in downtown Charleston was a night at the Dock Street Theater. Even today, the performances at Dock Street Theater continue to amaze and delight audiences, locals and tourists alike!

The Power of Drama

There’s nothing like a live show to captivate and excite us. Unlike movies, plays let us be up close to the actors, and the finest actors—such as those of Dock Street Theater Charleston South Carolina—let their energy and emotion be infectious, engaging us in some of the oldest and most previous of human sentiments—love, hatred, suspense, anguish, hope, and triumph all come to life on the stage and within us. It’s no wonder that people are still pouring in to theaters—over 49,000 come to The Dock Street Theater each year!

A Cherished Charleston Center of Culture

Charleston takes care of its arts, as evidenced by the love given this building. Opened in 1736, the original Dock Street Theater in Charleston was the first dedicated performance theater in America, and was also home to America’s first opera performance. Although it was destroyed by fire, and its replacement fell into decay by the Depression, the city has always brought it back better than before.

Renovated again from 2007 to 2010, The Dock Street Theater is now one of the premier theaters in the region, with top-quality lighting, sound, heating, cooling, and seating, and outside sound-proofing—everything necessary for the enjoyment of one of humanity’s oldest arts. You can find the theater at 135 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401, or call by dialing (843) 577-7183.

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