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Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Sumter National Monument

The Fort Sumter National Monument incorporates several sites around Charleston Harbor that tells the unique stores of the people and places that shaped the United States. The history of Charleston lies within these sites and allows guests to get an inside view into the creation of our nation. If you are interested in our history, or you think that colonial era forts are up your alley, then make sure that you visit Fort Sumter National Monument during your Isle of Palms vacation.


Confederate forces fired the first shots of the Civil War upon federal troops at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. The roots of the conflict are buried deep within the stories of the development of the United States. Fort Sumter would serve as the powder keg that lit off one of the bloodiest conflicts of our nation’s history. The national monument will display to guests the history of the conflict that occurred on the attack on Fort Sumter and the aftermath that it started.

National Monument

The Fort Sumter National Monument includes three sites in Charleston: The original Fort Sumter, the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center, and Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island. Access to the original Fort Sumter is gained through the visitor center. You can contact the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center by calling (843) 577-0242, or visit the center in person at 340 Concord St, Charleston, SC 20401. The boat will depart from one of two locations: Liberty Square or Patriots Point. Tours are provided by Fort Sumter Tours and offer both in person tours of the fort or boat tours to view the outside. Ticket prices for Fort Sumter are $21 for adults and $13 for kids.

The visitor’s center also features a museum that contains exhibits about the disagreements between the North and South that led to the incidents of Fort Sumter. The museum focuses on the activities at the fort, included its construction and role during the Civil War.

Special Events

Due to the historic nature of Fort Sumter, special events are frequently held at the national monument. These events will vary from season to season, but normally include activities like Civil War reenactments, special museum exhibits and historic days. If you are interested in the special events that will be hosted, make sure to check out the National Park Service calendar for Fort Sumter for more details.

Fort Sumter is an important historic landmark in the Charleston area. This landmark is a must see on your Isle of Palms vacation. If you would like more info on visiting Fort Sumter or our vacation rentals, make sure to contact us today for more details.