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Sullivan Island Day Trip

Take a Day Trip to Isle of Palms Sister Island, Sullivan Island

Sullivan Island lies just 100 yards away from the beach inlet of Isle of Palms. Residents of Sullivan Island like to refer to Isle of Palms as more of a resort island, while Sullivan is more of a beach town. The city moves a little slower and is full of history. If you are looking for a little more authentic version of the sleepy beach town, then take a Sullivan Island day trip while you stay on Isle of Palms.


Sullivan Island, South Carolina is the definition of a sleepy beach town. The look of the town gives guests an old world feel right off the bat. The city center is filled with revolutionary era buildings, classic architecture, and a distinct historic charm about the town. On Sullivan Island lies a historic fort that guests can visit. Fort Moultrie was a Revolutionary War fort that is still standing today. Guests can step into the past and explore the wounds of revolutionary battles with this great historic treasure. The town is also known for its lighthouse, historic batteries that provided defenses until the end of World War II, and even the location where Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Golden Bug and other short stories.


Along with history, Sullivan Island is also known for its water based activities. Much like Isle of Palms, Sullivan Island is known for its number of wide and clean beaches. These beaches are well-loved and kept up by a thriving community. At these beaches, you can enjoy the great weather and ocean water or even try a watersport for the first time. Along with swimming, Sullivan Island beaches are known for fishing, boating, sunning, and much more.

Public Areas

The town of Sullivan Island loves its visitors and it shows in the public offerings that have been set up. Throughout the town, the local government has established public areas that feature things like picnic areas, public tennis courts, and public playgrounds to help attract visitors to the town. People of the town love to see visitors in the sleep little town and they are extremely pleasant.

If you are looking for a fun and interesting trip in the Isle of Palms area, consider taking a day trip to Sullivan Island. If you would like more info on the island or our vacation rentals, please visit our website or call our office for more details.