If you’re here staying in one of our rental homes South Carolina, food will play a big part in your stay.

One of the big perks of coming to a Charleston beach house, be it one of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals or a Folly Beach house Charleston, is that you can sample some genuine Lowcountry cuisine.  What has been local to us for decades has been discovered by the world… elevated, analyzed, copied… but mainly appreciated and given its due.

You can now enjoy Charlestonian cuisine in fine dining establishments around the world.

Although you may find it elsewhere, there’s nothing like enjoying it in its own back yard.

The food scene in Charleston is amazingly refined and diverse, and while you’re here, you can also sample delicacies from exotic places across the planet.  Cuisine in general has definitely gone global.

New restaurants are opening all the time, major chefs are relocating to Charleston from New York City and other foodie capitals.  They are drawn by the natural beauty, the friendly people, the countless charms of Charleston  –  the very same characteristics that draw people to our luxury beach house rentals SC.

Options for feeding folks in your luxury house on Isle of Palms are almost overwhelming.  So many great places are an easy drive from all our SC vacation rentals, both Isle of Palms luxury rentals and Folly Beach house rentals Charleston.

The number one steakhouse in America, according to Yelp-ers, is Hall’s Chophouse, located downtown on King Street.

Food trucks near our rental homes South Carolina

One of the biggest, latest trends in cuisine is, of course, the FOOD TRUCK.  You find them in the coolest cities around, and some of the most creative, innovative cuisine is coming out of them.

The food truck scene in Charleston is hot, hot, hot.

Festival and special events often have them, and they are even the actual theme of certain popular events, like the Post & Courier’s regular Food Truck Rodeos, the annual Charleston Food Truck Festival, and Food Truck Game Days during football season.

Local celeb Bill Murray and Mike Veeck, owner of the Riverdogs (and a culinary envelope-pusher himself) are behind a new idea that will soon come to pass.

Food trucks galore near our rental homes South Carolina

Food trucks galore near our rental homes South Carolina

Soon to come near our rental homes South Carolina … it’s Food Truck O’Rama!

It will be a regular, dedicated location where food trucks can gather, offering customers a comfortable, centralized spot with lots of options.  It’ll be located in the overflow parking lot of Rutledge Cab Company on Rutledge Avenue downtown, convenient to all our beach rentals Charleston.

There will be water and power access for the trucks, as well as a full service bar.  It will also be a help for the food trucks, which often find it hard to navigate Charleston’s narrow historic streets.

“Food trucks are in. People seem to like them.  I think Charleston, being the culinary mecca that it is, is lacking an opportunity like this where people can enjoy the food truck experience and still have creature comforts to go along with it so we’re really excited,” says Brad Creger, one of the owners of Rutledge Cab Company.

Roti Rolls is a very popular local food truck.  Owner/chef Alton Ankerson had this to say:  “I think it would be great. It would give an opportunity one for all the food trucks to rotate every day, instead of fighting for gigs every weekend.  I do think it would give an opportunity to show Charleston that we have some of the greatest restaurants, but we also have some of the best food trucks in the world I think.”

Although it’s still in the planning stages, they hope to have it going in time for next summer.

Read all about it here:  http://abcnews4.com/news/local/bill-murray-co-to-corral-mobile-meals-with-food-truck-o-rama

One of the best new restaurants in America is right near our rental homes South Carolina … and on wheels

And in other recent foodie news, Bon Appétit recently named one of Charleston’s food trucks to its list of 50 best new restaurants in America.

SHORT GRAIN FOOD TRUCK, serving a modern take on Japanese food, got the nod.

This is what Bon Appétit had to say:  “Why does it feel like every chef we know is moving to Charleston?… Find a patch of shaded sidewalk under a palmetto tree and enjoy the new essential Lowcountry lunch.”

Here’s the full scoop from the Post & Courier:  http://www.postandcourier.com/20160802/160809888/short-grain-food-truck-named-to-bon-appetits-list-of-50-best-new-restaurants

Here’s Bon Appétit’s full list of the top 50 new places to eat in America:  http://www.bonappetit.com/best-new-restaurants

So check out some food trucks, and remember  –  when you are looking for the best in rental homes South Carolina, to call Exclusive Properties.

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