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Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture

The quaint downtown art district of Charleston, SC, is home to many unique galleries, boutiques, and showrooms, perfect for every type of art lover, from the casual to the collector. If you are an animal enthusiast, however, and especially if you are looking to find the perfect artist to capture your beloved four-legged friend, then you must visit Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture on Church Street.

The French Quarter

Opening its doors in 2001, Dog & Horse was one of the first boutiques to revitalize this charming district, now home to more than 80 galleries and considered a world-renowned destination for artists and art lovers. Church Street lies in the heart of the French District, named for the charming and rich French heritage of the peninsula. The gallery is run by its founder Jaynie Milligan Spector, a classically trained art advisor and curator with experience at Sotheby’s in London, Christie’s, and a Soho art gallery. Dog & Horse is a passion project devoted to her love of man’s best friends, from the canine to the equine. Browsing their boutique, you will be dazzled by the art world’s – and history’s – devotion to our animal companions, with stunning original pieces capturing this beloved bond in every style and period imaginable. The gallery is home to works from sporting artists as well as contemporary paintings, canvases, and bronze sculptures (we are partial to the pugs) and is a must-see for animal lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Professional Pet Portraiture

If you are looking to capture the essence of your animal best friend, whether dog, horse, or other (Ms. Spector has even arranged for a portrait session for a prized Longhorn), Dog & Horse has an extensive stable of professional artists to meet any need and suit any budget. A full-listing of the artists she works with is located on her website, and Dog & Horse can accommodate any request. She also boasts the background and resources to locate the best animal art in the U.S. and Europe – “any piece from any period” – making Dog & Horse the ideal resource for growing your own animal art collection.

Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture is a must see when visiting the art district of Charleston. Open year-round, Monday through Saturday, consultations are also available by phone or email. Come browse the wide selection of art in inventory or utilize Ms. Spector’s unique connections as a matchmaker to find the perfect artist, painter, or sculptor to immortalize your pet; you’ll be glad you did!