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H.L. Hunley Tours

  1. L. Hunley was a submarine that fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederates, sank the USS Housatonic in 1864, then did a vanishing act that puzzled and mystified historians for a century, until it was finally found in 1995. By 2000, it was raised to the surface, cleaned up and put on display for the curious public. It’s located at 1250 Supply St, Charleston, SC 29405.


The H.L. Hunley Tours

One theory for the disappearance of the Hunley submarine was that when it fired its fatal rounds of torpedoes at the USS Housatonic, the submarine was only 20 feet away from the target. When the torpedoes exploded, they took both vessels down. Now you can tour the Hunley and see for yourself the damage that such a massive explosion did to her. Weekend tours are available. Every Saturday, the tours start at 10 am and go on until 5 pm. Sundays the tours start at noon and also end at 5 pm. All tours are self-paced and guided. With the different activities and interactive exhibits, the tour can last for up to an hour.


The Web Store

The reason tours of the Hunley submarine are only available on weekends is so that scientists can work the rest of the week on saving and restoring the submarine. You can help fund this massive work by shopping online on the web store. The merchandise varies from clothes and apparel to collectibles and drinkware. The proceeds go into helping bring the Hunley back to the state it was in before it was sunk during that tragic and fateful day more than a century ago. You can also register and become a friend of the Hunley, which gives you a 10% discount on all the items in the web store. There’s another shop that you can visit during your tour on the actual submarine.



To book your place on a tour you’ll need to buy a ticket in advance. Tickets are purchased on the website and they cost $16 for an adult and $8 for a child. Senior citizens and members of the military get a discount and they can purchase their ticket for $14. Children under 5 go for free. In addition, if you’re a member of Friends of Hunley, you can buy a ticket for only $12.