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Mira Winery

Mira Winery is an amazing winery that produces hand-crafted, all-natural wines. Each of their wine selections is an expression of each of their unique grapes that are aged to produce flavors defined by their purity and elegance. Unlike many mass-produced wines, Mira wines are ready to drink upon release, but are built for enjoyment after years in a cellar as well. This amazing winery produces quality products built for enjoying no matter what the occasion.

The Mira Philosophy

Mira Winery was built with the vision of two master craftsmen. Jim “Bear” Dyke Jr. and Gustavo A. Gonzales happened to meet by chance in Washington D.C. while at the Hay Adams Hotel. After a bit of small talk, their conversation began to gravitate towards wine. This conversation is the starting point of Mira. After a few hours of discussion and planning, the two had mapped out their vision of a premiere Napa Valley winery that was both approachable, yet hand-crafted with unique flavors. After four years of hard work, the two identified their first block and grapes and Mira was born.

The Mira Process

The process of Mira wines begins far before the vineyard. Napa is known for its rich soil and unique micro-climate which allows grapes to grow exceptionally well. The staff at Mira take time to select the perfect grapes to create unique flavors and combinations that make their wines truly unique.

Visit Mira

Mira currently has one location in Charleston, but is opening another location in Napa in 2018. Their Charleston location brings the unique opportunity to taste amazing Napa wines in the heart of Charleston, exposing guests to the different aspects of Napa, like the soil, topography, and process that defines the flavors of the wine. No matter if you are looking to refine your wine palate or are just getting into the wine game, this tasting room is a must visit in the Charleston area. Their tasting room is open from 12PM to 7PM daily and offers a seasonal outdoor patio to enjoy as well as an intimate indoor space. You can find them at:

68 1/2 Queen Street

Charleston SC 29401

If you have any questions, the staff would be happy to help you, just give them a call at 888-819-4668. If you are wanting to tour their tasting room before your visit, check out their amazing virtual tour at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIh9hF8_luI.