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Isle of Palms Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

The latest fad to hit the waters is no flash in the pan. Stand-up paddleboarding has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. African warriors used one form in battle, finding it easy to silently and quickly slip by guards who weren’t at the top of their game, while Peruvian fishermen used another form to catch fish to bring home to their families and villages.

Today’s surfing style of SUP, however, seems to have gotten its start in the Hawaiian Islands, first noted by Captain Cook in the 1700s upon his discovery of the Hawaiian Islands. Today, stand-up paddle boarding has once more taken the world by storm, and when you visit the Isle of Palms, you will find many shops offering rental boards, equipment, and lessons. Why not give Isle of Palms stand-up paddle boarding a shot during your stay here?

The Basics

Stand-up paddle boarding may look simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult. If you follow these steps, you should pick it up rather quickly, but don’t be surprised when you wake up the next day hurting in places you never knew could hurt; this works all the core muscles and a few extra!

First of all, make sure you choose a board that is at least 30 inches wide—wider boards are more stable. Staying in calm waters (once you start feeling comfortable with your board, you can move on to choppier waters), start on your knees, taking a few practice paddle strokes on each side, then slowly—using one leg at a time—move to a standing position in the center of the board with legs shoulder width apart. Once you feel comfortable, you can start pulling the paddle through the water, first one side then the other, always holding the paddle at the top. It really is easy—you just need patience!

Where to Rent Isle of Palms Paddleboarding Equipment

Pretty much any shop that rents kayaks and canoes will also offer SUP equipment and lessons. Here’s a couple of places to start your search at while staying on Isle of Palms.

Isle of Palms Beach Gear – 1204 Palm Blvd

Phone: (843) 670-1009

IOP Beach Gear offers everything you could possibly need at the beach…including Isle of Palms SUP equipment.

Ocean Fitness – 50 41st Ave

Phone: (843) 559-6073

This is the place to go for Isle of Palms SUP rentals. They offer free delivery to Isle of Palms, allowing you to be serenely paddling the calm waters surrounding Isle of Palms in no time at all.

Exclusive Properties

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