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Top 5 Museums in Isle of Palms | Museums near Charleston SC

History fascinates us. We’ll take an old house over a new house any day; we love sharing our lives with the ones who went before us. The sight of an antique car parked on the side of the road will stop us in our tracks as we admire the craftsmanship of days gone by. And spending our vacation days exploring the museums of the places we travel to brings a special kind of joy that can never be explained—those who are like us need no explanation. For those people, we have compiled this list of the top museums near Charleston SC.

Patriot’s Point – 40 Patriots Point Road, Mt Pleasant

Just around the corner from Isle of Palms lies Patriot’s Point, a naval and maritime SC museum that celebrates the contributions of a retired aircraft carrier, destroyer, and submarine that are the focus of this establishment. If you are a military buff and you love big boats, this museum should be at the top of your vacation itinerary!

Old Slave Mart – 6 Chalmers Street, Charleston

We often glorify our memories of the old South, but all was not gentility and beauty in the early days of our country; this SC museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of slaves who were once sold on this very spot. Artifacts, posters, and interviews with former slaves bring this sad period in American history painfully to life.

Children’s Museum of the Low Country – 25 Ann Street, Charleston

For those who have children, while the Old Slave Mart might not be the best place to visit, the Children’s Museum is just the spot. Offering arts, crafts, and interactive exhibits, your young children will thank you for remembering that this is their vacation, too!

Boone Hall Plantation – 1235 Long Point Road, Mt. Pleasant

Ancient oaks lead the way to this genteel plantation house that is still a working farm today. It’s easy to imagine early settlers riding up the long driveway, the servants snapping the reigns as the women laugh and chatter and the men smoke their cigars. A tour of the original slave cabins still on the property also offer a vision of what life must have been like for the slaves who lived there.

Gibbes Museum of Art, SC Museum – 135 Meeting Street, Charleston

Beautiful art never fails to amaze us, our talents for painting being so poor, and the Gibbes Museum of Art allows us to lose ourselves in the wonder that is a talented artist. This SC museum features the works of some of our country’s best artists, we think you’ll find the exhibit of miniatures as fascinating as we do!

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