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Top 5 Natural Attractions in Isle of Palms | Fun Things To Do in Isle of Palms SC

The older we get, the more we appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature as she slowly creates grand achievements with little more than sun and rain. In case you doubt us, dare we mention that the Grand Canyon in Arizona started out with just a small river? When visiting Isle of Palms in South Carolina, you shouldn’t expect the Grand Canyon, but the natural attractions in the region will charm you just the same. From gardens created out of swamps to the ocean itself, exploring the natural side of South Carolina is one of the top fun things to do in Isle of Palms SC.

The Audubon Swamp Gardens at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston

When you think of swamps, we seriously doubt that you can imagine anything beautiful. Dark, smelly, and generally slimy, most swamps are places to avoid at all costs, but not the Audubon Swamp Gardens in Charleston. This secret world of a swamp contains a beauty all its own, with colorful flowers and ancient trees forming a natural habitat for the creatures of the wild, making it one of our favorite fun things to do in Isle of Palms.

Boneyard Beach on Bulls Island in Charleston

What once was a forest of rich vitality is now a beach filled with their skeletal remains. Known as Boneyard Beach, the stark beauty and quiet atmosphere makes this spot off the coast of Charleston a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Hiking the trails, marking off birds from your checklist, and picnicking under ancient oaks are some seriously fun things to do in Isle of Palms SC!

Morgan Creek, Isle of Palms

With quiet waters surrounded by tall marsh grasses, Morgan Creek offers a natural experience like no other. Rent a kayak and feel the tension slipping from your shoulders as you paddle through gentle waters and watch for the skittish wildlife that make their homes here.

Breach Inlet, Isle of Palms

It has been suggested that at one time Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms were one long barrier island, and that either by man or by nature, a “breach” between the two occurred, creating two islands where once was one. The answers may never be known, but Breach Inlet is home to treacherous currents and dangerous sharks; stay out of the waters—which run 40 feet deep—and take pictures from afar!

The Beach, Isle of Palms Beach Things To Do

Looking for some Isle of Palms beach things to do? The sands are snowy white, the waters are a clear, turquoise blue, and the sun shines brightly overhead; you can’t visit Isle of Palms without making time for a beach day! And if you played your cards right, your Exclusive Properties vacation rental is right on the beach, so reserve yours today and enjoy all of these fun things to do in Isle of Palms!