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Top 5 Sites for Museums In Charleston History

The Isle of Palms is great vacation destination for those who love to dig into the rich history of the island while exploring important sites that are not just museums. You will find most of the historical sites just across the water over in Charleston. Here are the top five historical sites around the Isle of Palms that you need to check out. Museums in Charleston have something for everyone!

Fort Sumter

The Isle of Palms is close to many important historical sites that originate from the Civil War. One such location is Fort Sumter, a sea fort located close by in Charleston where two important Civil War battles took place. Parts of the fort were destroyed during the battles, but the remaining structures are open to the public to explore. The Fort Sumter National Monument is currently operated by the National Park Service and open daily.

Middleton Place

Many historical plantations are located around the Isle of Palms and Charleston, with several open for public tours. Middleton Place is located in North Charleston and is home to one of the largest gardens in the country. The plantation continues to be restored since 1916 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Explore the culture of the 1900s in this historical home.

Rainbow Row

Check out the longest row of Georgian row houses in Charleston at Rainbow Row. Each pastel-colored home initially housed merchants in the 1700s before the Civil War was brought in the area. Each house is a different color to help the incoming sailors figure out which location they were staying in. Enjoy visiting these historical, yet colorful additions to the community.

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens

Visit one of the nation’s oldest working plantations at the Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens. This historical site has been growing crops for over 320 years and has been rebuilt from the ground up following the original house’s collapse. The home is currently under ownership of the McRae family who continue to preserve the original structures and gardens that the public can view. Check out this historical home and its beautiful garden during your next visit.

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site

Check out the historical home of Charles Pickney, one of the country’s participating members in writing the United States Constitution and governor of South Carolina. This historic home can be found in Mount Pleasant where you can see the main house, barn, caretaker’s residence, and corncrib.

USS Yorktown Museum

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