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Top “Strange” Isle of Palms South Carolina Events

Going to the major tourist hotspots is always a great idea when visiting the Isle of Palms. However, finding “strange” and unique attractions can give your family the excuse it needs to break off the main path. Here are the top “strange” attractions you can find in and around the Isle of Palms. Learn about the Isle of Palms South Carolina events below:

Macaulay Museum of Dental History

One of the more unique attractions to visit around Isle of Palms is the Macaulay Museum of Dental History found just down the way in Charleston. As the name suggests, you will be exploring the dental instruments and unique history of American dentistry here. No dentist in your group is needed to enjoy a few hours at the Macaulay Museum of Dental History!

Boneyard Beach

The skeletal remains of a rich forest can be explored over at the Boneyard Beach found just off the coast of Charleston. Not only will you be able to find the remains of the forest, but various species of birds that can be easily observed. Make sure to wear your hiking shoes for this as there are a few small hills to climb over. The Boneyard Beach makes for a strange, yet exciting hike down the beach.

The Powder Magazine

You can check out the oldest building still found in the Carolinas at the Powder Magazine that was originally built in 1713. This old building has since been turned into a museum and has been restored over the years. In fact, the Powder Magazine is one of only two buildings that have survived since the original 13 colonies. Check it out and see how life was like in America before the United States of America was founded.

Ghost Walks

Explore the supposedly haunted history of Charleston with Ghost Walks, hour and a half long tours that explore the creepiest buildings throughout the city. You will explore ancient cemeteries, historical districts, and more where supposed ghost encounters have occurred. Throughout the tour you will be given a unique insight into the city and how these haunted stories started. Ghost Walks is the perfect Halloween activity during the fall season! South Carolina Halloween events are fan favorites!

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