White Point Garden is a 5.7-acre public park that is located in peninsular Charleston, South Carolina at the tip of the peninsula. The garden provides for a beautiful escape during your vacation. The garden was designed to be a great outdoor display of flowers, monuments, and scenic views that will leave you feeling good and your camera storage full. If you like to get out in the fresh air and experience natural beauty and monuments, make sure that you visit the White Point Garden during your Isle of Palms vacation.


The White Point Garden lies at the southern tip of the peninsula and was constructed in the early days of Charleston. The tip of the peninsula was named White Point due to the number of sun-bleached oyster shells that covered the beaches of the point. Although most of the shells are no longer visible due to the landfill projects in the area, the name still remains as a testament to the point’s history. For more than a century of its existence, White Point Garden has been a repository of relics and memorials with a largely military theme.


Due to the immense military history and military significance of Charleston, White Point Garden has been given many memorials honoring our military. Throughout the area, guests are able to view different memorials and relics of wars past. One such example is the two Confederate columbaids that face towards the East Battery. These guns were originally part of the defenses of Fort Sumter, a battle that sparked the Civil War. Many artillery installations are installed throughout the garden as a part of the tribute to the naval forces that were based in Charleston.

Along with the installations from the Civil War, there are also some monuments from early in our nation’s history. One such monument, referred to as Sergeant Jasper Monument, commemorates the victory of the colonists over the British at Fort Moultrie in 1776. Sergeant William Jasper was a hero of the Revolutionary War battle won by the colonists at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island on that day.

If you enjoy military sculptures, memorials, and relics, you need to visit White Point Garden during your Isle of Palms vacation. For more info please visit our website or call for more details.