If you’re headed to one of our beach rentals Charleston, keep an eye peeled for cameras.

It seems as if there are cameras everywhere these days.  Of course just about every human is toting one around these days, plus they’re mounted all over civilization.

If you’re going to be staying in one of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals, you may notice something on the way in to your Charleston beach house.

Highway 17 is the main road that runs through Mount Pleasant all the way down to (eventually) Savannah.  This local section is known as Johnnie Dodds Boulevard.  If you are heading out from your luxury house on Isle of Palms into downtown Charleston, chances are you’ll travel down Johnnie Dodds to get there.  It’s also the locale of a lot of great shops (Trader Joe’s, yay!), restaurants and such that come in handy while staying in any of our rental homes South Carolina, especially our Isle of Palms luxury rentals.  Also, the area’s nicest shopping center, Towne Centre, is located near where the Isle of Palms Connector meets Johnnie Dodds.

If you’ve stayed in some of our beach house rentals Charleston SC a few years back, you may remember all the construction happening on this stretch of Highway 17 and the main roads connecting to it.   Though a major headache while it was underway, the results have been worth it.  Johnnie Dodds now boasts extra lanes, lovely landscaped medians with a surprising variety of flora, as well as raised overpasses (complete with elegant street lamps and palm trees) that greatly improve the flow of traffic compared to how it used to be.

So now it’s a much faster, more efficient and attractive drive from your IOP SC vacation rentals into Charleston.

If you’ve ever been in large cities like Los Angeles, there is a not-so-pleasant thing that are pretty much ubiquitous all throughout the city’s main intersections  –  red light cameras.  They snap pictures of unsuspecting drivers either speeding or running red lights.  There you are just visiting, minding your own business, driving a nice rental car around…. then boom, several weeks later a very pricey traffic ticket arrives at your home, complete with a nice photo of you running that red light on Ventura.  Oops.

traffic cameras near our beach rentals Charleston

…Keep an eye peeled for traffic cameras near our beach rentals Charleston

So heads-up: when you are headed into Charleston from one of our luxury beach house rentals SC, you may notice cameras like the one in the photo above, mounted on the arms of traffic signals.

Fear not!  This is not  –  thank goodness  –  Los Angeles.

In yet more good news for folks driving from a beach house Charleston into town, these are high-tech adaptive traffic signal cameras.  They are connected to a computer and are designed to improve traffic flow by adjusting the rate of that traffic signals change, depending on the traffic.

At the end of that revitalization and construction project along Highway 17, the Town of Mount Pleasant installed 19 of them, becoming the first in the entire state of South Carolina to do so.  Several other cities have since followed suit.

So far the results have been noteworthy, especially in light of all the growth in northern Mount Pleasant, up Highway 17.   In fact, it was just reported that the last census showed Mount Pleasant is the 10th fastest growing city in the entire United States.  Read more in the Post and Courier:  http://www.postandcourier.com/20160519/160519391/census-bureau-mount-pleasant-was-nations-10th-fastest-growing-city-in-2015

So go ahead and head out from our beach rentals Charleston… pass those cameras without trepidation, knowing they are helping to smooth your journey downtown.

In the next blog, I’ll cover yet more cool cameras to be found in and around Charleston and the IOP.

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